Heat Pack for Gwen

I love how the heat pack turned out for my mom and decided to make one for Gwen since she complains of leg pains at night.  I usually give her my electric heating pad which means it ends up staying on all night and this seemed like a much better idea. 

Of course she wanted pink and purple fabric and I was all set to take a trip to the fabric store when I remembered that I had saved the little fabric bag her sheets came in (Target clearance for, like, $3).  I repurposed the fabric for the gathered front, some lightweight canvas-y type material from a basket liner that had wripped in a few places that was used for the front accent piece and inner lining, and a burgundy piece for the back that matched the floral pattern nicely. 

See, it matches her sheets!

As with the first pack I used wheat berries for the filling along with some dried lavender.  It smells so good!  I heat it for 2-3 minutes in the microwave, shake it around to evenly distribute the heat, then put it on Gwen’s legs before pulling up the covers.  Even when it’s not heated up it smells good so hopefully it will provide some restful aromatherapy for her. 

overlapping pillow case-type opening in back for insert

I made the dimensions slightly different the second time around to work with the piece of fabric I had after cutting apart the bag.  Also, I decided it would be nice to do French seams so the inside looks nice and tidy without raw edges.  Basically, I topstitched around the pieces with the wrong sides together, turned it inside out and stitched again to enclose the raw edges, then turned it right side out again.  Since the back has the opening for the insert I don’t have to leave an opening for turning – so easy!