Easter Pinspiration

Do you ever find that just sitting down and making a list can clarify things for you?  I’m a total list-maker.  Even though Easter is this weekend I’m still not sure what I want to do for the holiday.  I’ve already done a few things with the kids this week but we’ve got a few more days left!  Here are some of my favorite Pinspirations…


EGGS!  1.  We have the plastic eggs because I don’t throw them away, but it would be so nice to find some natural wooden eggs like these Hollow Wooden Eggs from Blank Goods to fill and decorate (or leave as-is).  2.  Another natural egg idea for all you sewers out there.  There are a few free patterns out there for fabric eggs and this one from Retro-Mama looks easy enough.  I love the color combinations!  Of course you could go the more traditional route and use pastels.

Last year I put together a little Easter egg hunt for the kiddos but I haven’t bought anything to put inside eggs this year.  Instead, I had them hunt for Easter eggs filled with their lunch, similar to the Easter Egg Lunch from KatherineMarie.  It was a big hit!

I never really got into painting and decorating eggs, especially if it meant they were inedible when it was all said and done.  But these No-Dye Polka Dot Easter Eggs from Better Homes & Gardens look easy-peasy and pretty.

I love deviled eggs, and these Easter deviled eggs from FOODjimoto are so pretty!  Just make your favorite deviled egg recipe but dye the whites in some water with food coloring and a bit of apple cider vinegar.  This is on my list for Sunday.  Someone suggested using Kool Aid for the color but I think that might actually flavor the eggs so I wouldn’t go that route.


We’re trying to limit the candy, but you gotta have some treats!  I seem to go for anything nest-related.  1. Licorice nests at Good Housekeeping.  2.  Easter cupcakes at Creation Cupcakes.  2. Birds’ Nest Cookies at The Cooking Photographer.


I love rice crispy treats!  They aren’t very healthy, but I bet you could substitute a no-bake granola bar recipe or something similar.  1.  The eggs from theKitchn are almost too pretty to eat and the toppings themselves look scrumptious.  2.  The Easter Cross Krispies from The Celebration Shoppe are a nice way to incorporate the spiritial aspect of the holiday.


I’m always on the lookout for craft ideas for the kids, and when it comes to holidays I like to make sure they know the true meaning for celebrating.  1.  Stained Glass Cross Craft from Frills Fluff and Trucks.  2.  Egg Shell Mosaic Cross from That Artist Woman.  3.  Beaded Cross Necklace from Kaboose would be great incorporating the Colors of Christ.


Some more meaningful activities to do with the family.  1.  We made a small tabletop Easter garden like this one from A Holy Experience.  2.  I’m thinking I need to make another batch of homemade playdough to create this Easter mountain from Little Page Turners.  3.  Make some Colors of Faith Jelly Bean Bracelets, compliments of Free-N-Fun Easter,  to eat and give away at Easter dinner!

What are you doing this year for Easter?  I’ve already made the kiddos their crayon rolls and I’m planning on making a couple of the above recipes for Easter dinner.  This whole week in preschool we’re reading through the story of Benjamin’s Box, which is used in conjunction with our resurrection eggs.

See my Easter Pinterest board for more inspiration.


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  1. Patty says:

    You have so many great ideas! I can’t wait to try some out for myself. I was looking for a rice crispy cross idea that I plan to put jelly beans on to incorporate the jelly bean prayer, when I stumbled upon your blog. I just started my own and hope it can someday look this great!

    My blog is http://www.beeintentional.blogspot.com

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