Crayon Rolls for the Kiddos

For the longest time I had crayon rolls on my list of Etsy favorites thinking how nice they would be for the kiddos when we travel or go out to eat.  They would make great gifts, too! 


I’ve been bookmarking (er, pinning) sewing tutorials like crazy and have already tried a number of them and then it hit me – time to look for a crayon roll tutorial!  As with the Mother’s Day clothespin apron I decided to use my kiddos as the guinea pig recipients before making them for anyone else.     


Prudent Baby’s How to Sew a Crayon Roll tutorial was easy and straightforward and could be varied in many ways if desired.  You could make it taller for longer crayons or colored pencils, shorter for fewer crayons or longer for a bigger collection, make a bigger pocket for a notepad and fold it in half like a portfolio, whatever.  And of course the color combinations are endless!  


I whipped up two for the kiddos and will be gifting them on Easter, probably with a coloring book or drawing pad.  I found the cutest navy blue tractor fabric for Josiah and think he’ll love it.  Since the crayon roll doesn’t require a big piece I still have some left and may use it to make him a skinny tie – we’ll see!   I didn’t tell her what I was making but I let Gwen pick between two fabrics and she chose a bright multi-colored floral (I was surprised she didn’t want the one with the birds).   

I’m hoping to work up a stash and re-open my Etsy shop, since I’m loving this sewing thing!

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  1. I LOVE these! I would buy them from you; let me know if you decide to make some more! :)

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