Sewing for Mother’s Day

While flipping through some sewing books from the library I got some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.  I was excited to get a headstart on these and wanted to make sure I wasn’t overestimating my abilities with the sewing machine.

My mother-in-law is a very practical gal.  She hangs her clothes out on the line even when it’s freezing cold, so when I saw the clothespin apron in One-Yard Wonders I thought it would be perfect for her. 

Now, I may not be as dedicated as she, but when the weather is nice I also hang my clothes out on the line.  When Phil and I got engaged, his mother excitedly handed over this drawstring bag filled with clothespins and gleefully cackled (I swear, she cackled), “you get to do his laundry now!”  That bag has served its purpose but it’s a pain to handle when trying to hang the clothes so I figured I would use an apron for myself as a guinea pig of sorts.     

Dude, this was a fun project.  I got to practice some new things – like making my own bias tape and “stitching in the ditch.”  Some parts were a bit tricky for me, being a novice ‘n’ all, but I’m happy with the results.  If I were making another for myself I would make the ties longer and skinnier so I could tie them around the front, like I do when cooking in the kitchen.   

Here’s my apron:


And of course I would encounter some issues with the second one, since it’s the one I plan on gifting.  The linen I used for the trim ended up being too bulky to slide nicely under the presser foot (should I be using the special-purpose foot?), but I managed.


I specifically wanted a food- or kitchen-oriented fabric and love the apples and pears print I found.  I prefer to look at and feel fabric before I purchase it, but other people have raved about buying fabric online and I’ve been pinning favorites.  Check out my Fabric Pinterest board for inspiration.

When I saw a tutorial for a patchwork heat pack I thought, my mom would love one of those!  After looking at my little pile of fabric decided I wasn’t too crazy about the prints I had to go together.  Then I stumbled upon this ingenious idea for a gathered comfort pack – it looks so pretty and was surprisingly easy, and I got to try the basting stitch to gather/ruffle the fabric.  I played around with the measurements and used the two fabrics I had leftover from my apron, plus some muslin for the top accent as well as the inner bag filled with a wheat berry spice mix.  I didn’t want an open top or velcro closure, so I gave the back an overlapping pillowcase-type opening and the cover can easily be washed if it gets dirty.

It’s so pretty and smells so good (I used orange EO, whole allspice and cinnamon)!  I had fun with the scraps and put together a little instruction tag to go with it.  Think I’ll make one for Gwen since she gets growing pains and always complains about her legs hurting at night; much better than letting her borrow my heating pad all night long.  Dude, I should so re-open my Etsy shop!  It could be fun playing around with color and pattern combinations, even making different sizes for neck or hand warmers.   


Are you making anything for Mother’s Day?