Upcycled Layer Skirt for Gwen

Once I started learning how to use the sewing machine I started looking at some of my worn threads in a whole new light.  Things I couldn’t bear to throw out but just had lying around.

After buying some fabric and making Gwen a simple skirt, I decided to try making one with repurposed fabric.  I had this knit jersey-like nightshirt that was getting worn on the top, and with this girls’ knit layered skirt tutorial in mind, I took the scissors to it.

I cut it just below the armholes and used the remaining fabric for the skirt.  It was slightly flared, so the pieces I cut didn’t match up perfectly, but it just added to the “character,” if you will.  After sewing a hem and sewing the waistline (leaving an opening for the elastic), I set to work cutting strips for the layers.  I only had about four to five pieces that were long enough for the main layers, but I filled in the gaps with smaller pieces that I randomly sewed between the full-length pieces.

After sewing all the pieces on – phew! – I added the elastic, sewed the opening closed, then made a little twill tape tag with Gwen’s name on it (for fun and so she’ll know where the back is).

Aside from the undies, I’m not brave enough (yet) to try clothing for myself.  The kids are so much smaller so their projects require less fabric!  It’s so rewarding to make Gwen a piece of clothing, especially when the project involves repurposing and is virtually free.


It helps that she loves it, even more so when it qualifies as “dress up” clothes – that means it must be fancy.


One thought on “Upcycled Layer Skirt for Gwen

  1. Ria says:

    I really like the look of that skirt. I might try something similar with an ankle-length skirt, to see how that works out.

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