Scrap Busters

I’ve been having fun with some really easy scrap-busting sewing projects.  You’ll notice some of the leftover fabric from my knitting needle roll!

I used Happy Together’s tutorial for a double-sided fabric headband and can’t wait to try some different patterns and colors.  For these I just had some blues and greens and oranges.



I tried scaling the pattern down 50% for Gwen; let’s just say it made a cute headband for her dolls. *sigh*  Then I tried 75% and that worked out nicely.  I didn’t get a picture but I did orange on one side (it goes so nicely with her hair!) and the pinkish polka dot fabric leftover from one of the baby bibs.

The Crafty Cupboard has this easy-peasy tutorial for a business card holder and I thought it would be the perfect project for some of the random pieces of fabric I have.


I’m gonna give it to my big bossy sis who has her own web design company.  These would also be fun gift card holders or even credit card holders if you added more pockets.