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We’re almost done with the alphabet and I’m itching for the academics to be over.  I was considering this year a feel for how it would be to actually homeschool – you know, for “real” – and my excitement at the fact that it’s almost over doesn’t bode well for the future. *sigh* 

It’s not that I haven’t had fun, it’s just that it has turned out to be a lot of work on top of what I already do.  I keep telling myself that this is part of being a mother and raising children, but maybe some people just aren’t cut out for certain jobs.  Things seem to go more smoothly when the kids are exploring the natural world, but I have a hard time transitioning from that to an actual lesson.  I have to metaphorically – and sometimes physically! – clap my hands and get them to the table. 

Our verse for the week was Matthew 19:14, although I only had Gwen memorize the first part – “Let the little children come to me.”     We played and sang the familiar songs, “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and “Jesus Loves Me.” 

All I could think of for the letter X was x-ray, then decided to expound on the word and do x-ray vision for superheroes.  I suppose if the kids were older I could have had a lot more fun with this theme, but I was a bit limited with the availability of resources.  We don’t have any superhero stuff, so I had to round it up from other places.

Gwen is somehow familiar with Super Woman (being her mother and all – HA!), so I found a Super Woman coloring page for her.  

Gwen noticed the rope hanging from her hip and said she must live with the cowboys; I suggested we color it brown but she said, “no Mommy, it’s gold.”  Okaaaaay.    

I have absolutely no idea what the Justice League is, but when I saw that they looked like little superheroes I downloaded these cute printables.  Gwen used rubber stamps to spell out their names; who knows if we got it right? 

1+1+1=1 has a Batman Preschool Pack and we used a few of her pages.  Gwen enjoyed catching the bad guys on the pre-writer tracing pages.

Since she loves paper dolls, I printed out the boy and girl versions of the suerhero doll and she and Josiah played with them for a bit.  Quite honestly, a bit more trouble than it was worth.  They both had lots of fun coloring and wearing their color-your-own masks (although I didn’t bother with the armbands), running around the house with handkerchief capes flying behind them. 


These superhero popsicle stick figures were cute.  I used silly voices and had them give her directions, then she and Josiah flew them around for a while.  I love their imaginations! 

Although intended for a Valentine’s Day treat, I made superhero lollipops and put them in a small vase along with superhero sound effect cutouts.  A big hit!


Since I’ve been sewing, I thought it would be a neat idea to make the kids superhero capes.  I asked Gwen what she thought of the idea – assuming she would be really excited – and she cocked her head and said, “but we already have capes.”   Referring, of course, to the handkerchief that she ties around her neck.  I was like, fine.  Later in the week she asked where her new cape was. *sigh*    

We did our usual slew of letter activities for the letter X: Do-A-Dot page, letter hunt and various dry-erase pages. 


We also did a couple letter crafts, ideas courtesy of Totally Tots’ Now I Know My ABCs.  Josiah worked on X is for X-ray while Gwen did X is for Xylophone.    


Gwen gets the Highlights magazine for younger kids along with the Hidden Pictures and we’ve been getting behind on those, so I picked a few puzzles for her.   


We’ve already done purple, but this week we did lavender.  Too bad our lavender plants aren’t blooming yet!  Luckily, Gwen loves Fancy Nancy and in one of her books she talks about how lavender is a fancy word for purple. We also did a color puzzle and a batman color-by-number (the superhero popsicle stick figured made sure she got it right).


To coincide with the color lavender I chose “Lavender’s Blue” for our rhyme of the week. 

Bulletin Board

Book Basket

The Spectacular Adventures of Sophie and Sebastian
Spiderman – The Amazing Story
The Amazing Adventures of Bathman!
Look and Find – the Amazing Spider-Man
Pooh’s Hero Party

Mama Rex & T – The (Almost) Perfect Mother’s Day
The Extinct Alphabet
Alphabet Mystery

FancyNancy’s Favorite Fancy Words
Miss Rumphius

Batman – Mask of the Phantasm

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2 thoughts on “Preschool: Superheroes

  1. Dusty says:

    Stopping by from Preschool Corner! This looks like a ton of fun! My son is really into superheroes right now and we’ve done the Batman preschool pack, but I like some of the other ideas!

    I’m sorry you are feeling burnt out. :( I think it happens even to the veterans of homeschooling. Ultimately, you have to make the best decision for your family! I hope you can work it out soon! Have a blessed day!

  2. Gwyn says:

    Karla did you also get the Fancy Nancy sticks off my site? I love Fancy Nancy and hope to make a printable using her. As far as homeschooling I couldn’t have done it and enjoyed it! I helped when my kids were in school I went in once a week and helped in class, in charge of bookfair, PTA everyear these things I loved to do, but I also enjoyed my free time. Take care, Gwyn

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