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One day a week the kiddos go to their meme’s and I scramble to get as much done as humanly possible.  This week, between cleaning out our coat closet, moving around some furniture and trying to keep my ever-growing craft area organized, I realized I should really find a better system for all my knitting needles. 

I used to only have a few pairs, but each new pattern seems to call for a different size, and when my grandma passed away she had a whole slew of needles which became part of my collection.  Whenever I would see knitting needle rolls in the store I would look at them with longing, thinking how wonderful it would be to have one for my collection… but the good ones can be expensive.  Since I’ve been learning how to sew I decided – by golly, I’ll find a pattern! 

And I did.

It was, quite honestly, a pain in my butt putting all the layers together, and I’m still not quite sure what needle to use with which fabrics and why thicker threads end up snapping even after I adjust the tension. *sigh*  And working with bias tape is another thing – I always pick one that’s too small and then the stitches don’t catch the underside.  But… I did it. 

inside, empty



I kept referring back to the tutorial at each step, but as I was getting towards the end Phil turned the computer off and I thought I already knew the next step… so I ended up screwing up some of the pocket lines.  I assumed the lines for the smaller pocket matched up with the lines for the larger pocket and made them all the same, but I like the result better because I don’t necessarily need a larger space for needles or other contraptions.  I put straight needles in the large pocket and double-pointed needles in the coordinating size in the smaller pocket underneath.  No more knocking over their containers and trying to figure out the sizes! 


The tutorial doesn’t mention topstitching the finished product but hers looks like it was and it makes everything look neater, so I went ahead and did it.  I love the needle guard at the top which keeps the long needles from falling out.  Ah, organizational bliss!


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  1. Ria says:

    I really should make one of these. Right now, I’ve just got all my knitting needles stuffed in a box or into a couple of balls of yarn to keep them together. This would be far neater, and much more convenient.

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