I see London, I see France…


Well, they’re not perfect, but I’d say I did a pretty darn good job on that pair of undies.  I combined two different tutorials – indigo orchid’s sized pattern for t-shirt underwear and Come and See the Seitz’s underwear tutorial

Making my own pattern from a worn pair didn’t work, since the fabric was stretched out, so I went with the sized pattern.  However, since I didn’t use jersey – which doesn’t fray – I ended up folding the edges to create a seam which sized the finished product down.  And instead of stretching the fabric to meet a cut length of elastic I should have just sewn it on as-as so it wasn’t cinched tighter – does that make sense?  Since the material I used is stretchy it’s still a comfy pair… but the elastic leaves lovely little marks on my skin. 

I would love to to try another pair and will use the next size up to accomodate a seam allowance (unless I go with jersey).  A lot of tutorials using jersery suggest repurposing t-shirts… but I don’t have any t-shirts to repurpose!  I suppose a trip to the consignment store is in order.  I could only find one type of stretch elastic in local stores and would love to try some different styles and colors – any suggestions?  Etsy, an online fabric store?