Simple Sewing

I was so psyched to take on some sewing projects after finally working up the courage to start using my sewing machine that I was eager to try some simple clothing patterns. 

First up, I made a pair of flat front pants for Josiah.  I love the patterns and tutorials at dana-made-it and have had this project bookmarked for a while now.  I was going to start with the basic pants with an elastic waist but decided to go for the flat front even though it was a tad more involved.  I used a piece of scrap material I’ve had for years now; I haven’t sewn until now so it’s just been sitting in my hope chest.  There was a considerable amount of length when it was finished, so I hemmed it up quite a bit then finished it off with a twill tape label stamped “TROUBLE.”  How fitting.  These were super-cute and I was oohing and aahing over how stinkin’ adorable he was in them; I’ll definitely be making some more.   


Next up, a simple skirt for Gwen, also from dana-made-it.  Looking at fabrics is like perusing a candy store – all the patterns and textures are irresistable!  I had some coupons for JoAnn’s and found this pretty pink and green floral quilter’s cotton that had sparkly gold accents in it.  Since she’s a skinny minny I got a half yard and it was the perfect amount.  I finished the hem with pink bias tape and some lace edging.  She loved it.  Also super-easy; I’m thinking of making the layered skirt in pink seersucker for Easter. 


I didn’t want to buy yardage for my ample measurements, but I was curious to try this 30 second skirt.  I got a shirt on clearance for a couple bucks, but the style didn’t work with the original design.  I ended up cutting the shirt just below the sleeves, making an elastic waist from the raw edge and using the original hemline for the hem, which I embellished with some velvet ribbon.  Great with my cowboy boots!


Since the theme for preschool this week is superheros I’m thinking of letting the kids pick out some satin fabric for superhero capes – how cool would that be?


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