Chalkboard Wall

I having been pining for a chalkboard wall ever since I’ve started seeing them everywhere.  I love the idea of using chalkboard paint on one wall, or a section of wall, especially now that I have little kids.  

I’ve bookmarked many a chalkboard idea – table, dresser, half wall, outdoor chalkboard, even a nifty little drawer pull chalk holder.  And on a smaller scale I’ve used chalkboard paint on buckets.  There are so many great ideas for this medium! 

While patching up one of our walls – one that is really boring, kind of in the middle of nowhere and really lacks personality – Phil agreed that it would make a great spot for a chalkboard.  It’s close to the kitchen but not in the kitchen where the kiddos might be underfoot, and it really adds character to the space.

We had to wait three whole days after it dried before “conditioning,” then you have to prepare the surface by coloring it all over with chalk and erasing it.  It’s so much fun randomly drawing a picture, watching the kids creatively color, writing (and receiving) love notes and jotting down grocery items. 


4 thoughts on “Chalkboard Wall

    • karlamcurry says:

      Katey, you could always give the kiddos a chalkboard surface – like painting a large pieces of plywood or something like that, then hanging it on the wall. It definitely adds a fun element, and I’ve even been using it for a grocery list!

  1. Allison says:

    I so love how this turned out! I have also been dreaming of a chalkboard wall on the kids room in our basement but just haven’t bit the bullet yet. However, prepping all the chalkboard books for our MOPS activity in a few weeks might just push me over the edge!

    • karlamcurry says:

      I hope you’re using spray paint for those chalkboard books! I found using traditional paint for the book a pain in the butt. Are you repurposing a board book, kind of like I did for Gwen? We love our wall! I’d like to use the paint somewhere else, too, but we can always figure that out later. You’ve probably seen that pin floating around Pinterest about making ANY color paint chalkboard paint by adding plaster dust (or something like that). I DO like the traditional black look, though, and you don’t want to encourage your kids they can color on ANY wall. :P

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