Preschool: T is for Transportation

With our ever-expanding collection of fire trucks, matchbox cars, four- wheelers, cars and trains, our transportation theme was a no-brainer.  Josiah was very happy to see pictures of trucks on the bulletin board and kept pointing them out every chance he got. 

He finally got to color the truck coloring page.

The Bible story of the week was about the Prodigal Son.  When I was little, my siblings and I used to create plays and perform for family and friends, and one of our re-enactments was about this very story.  We had albino rabbits at the time, and they played the part of the pigs.  I tried getting the kids to act out the scene with me, for old time’s sake, but they were less than enthusiastic – though they did get a kick out of their stuffed animals eating at a trough.

Gwen colored a hidden picture coloring page about the prodigal son’s triumphant return, and I explained how – even when she’s bad – her mommy and daddy still love her, just like her heavenly Father.

I found this neat idea for making a piggy bank and thought it would make a great object lesson for the story.  I used a small plastic bottle, some scrapbook paper, ribbon and ribbon slide, beads for feet, pipe cleaner for a tail and googly eyes.  Good thing I didn’t cut a hole in the top for a money slot because the cap opening was too small for even a dime to fit through.  Instead, I pretended that marbles were money, and I filled the pig with the son’s inheritance.  As he spent the money, the marbles were fewer and fewer… until he ran out of money and was forced to eat with the pigs.  She turned out really cute; it might be nice to make one a little bigger, perhaps with a soft-drink bottle.  

To go along with the theme for the week we used the Luke 3:5 printable from 2 Teaching MommiesThe crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth.

Play with trains for school?  Yes, please!  I had to keep referring to the diagram to best put some of the pieces together, but the kids are actually pretty good at assembling a train track.  Phil can do it without directions, using up every piece in the bin.  Showoff.  It’s so cute to see how each child plays differently, from which trains and pieces they choose to how they drive them on the tracks.  And then they start climbing across tracks to reach the bridge or the tunnel and suddenly someone else is derailed.  I kept telling them”This is the last time I fix it!” 

Gwen did some pre-writer tracing from her Kumon book…

… then started in on an assortment of transportation-themed printables from Homeschool Creation’s Transportation Preschool Pack.  She (and Josiah) did a airplane pre-writer tracing page… 


cut-and-paste according to which direction the vehicles are driving, word tracing pages (we’ve been working on compound words; I circle the two parts of the word so Gwen can get a visual)… 


fill-in-the-first-letter pages and word matching.


There were also these nifty spelling words making five or six words and the letters of each word had a corresponding image.  For instance, all the letters in the word “plane”  had a little plane next to them.  I had Gwen separate all the letter cards according to the images and then figure out how to spell each word based on the sounds (always starting with the first sound, since it’s usually easiest).

I appreciate fresh concepts like this since using the same method over and over gets really boring. 

Thrown in among the mix was a circle-which-one-is-different activity from PreKinders; too easy for Gwen really, but she and Josiah had fun with it anyway.  It’s supposed to be cut apart into cards but I kept it on a sheet of paper and put it into a page protector so it could be used with dry erase markers. 

They each did a cut-and-paste stoplight from Printable Share.

Surprisingly, Josiah wasn’t too excited about making clothespin airplanes – unlike Gwen, who wanted to paint hers pink – but once they were dry the kiddos had fun soaring them through the living room.



In addition to the themed printables Gwen did her letter hunt, alphabet dot-to-dot pages, some activity sheets from our usual workbooks and a letter maze


I dug out some of my old Suzy’s Zoo rubber stamps and let Gwen stamp her letter poster with the tiger lily stamp.

While out gathering twigs for our Valentine’s Day arrows I decided to let the kiddos use some to make T trees.  They glued the twigs into a T-shape and scrunched up green tissue paper for leaves.  


Josiah always goes heavy on the glue; I hung them up before they were fully dry and came back to a puddle of glue on the floor underneath the artwork. *sigh*

Gwen did a color-by-number page from KidSparkz’ transportation unit, stamped her number nineteen poster and did the counting clip cards that came with the transportation preschool pack. 


In honor of our rhyme for the week – The Wheels on the Bus – I made graham cracker buses for breakfast one morning.  Instead of frosting and oreo cookies I used yellow-tinted yogurt and shaped some no-bake dried fruit cookies I just so happened to have in the fridge.

Bulletin Board

Book Basket
Little Locomotive
The Noisy Airplane Ride
I Love Trucks!
Amazing Airplanes
Bunnies on the Go
Who is Driving?
Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel
Machines At Work – Airplanes
Sheep in a Jeep
Trains – Steaming! Pulling! Huffing!

Our Twitchy
Toot & Puddle – Top of the World
Toby & Tess – a first story about things in groups
The Fairies’ Alphabet Book
Traction Man Meets TurboDog
The Teddy Bears’ Picnic
What Do You Do With a Tail like This?
The Magic Sceptre – Teena the Tiny Tooth Fairy

Mouse Paint
Shapes in Transportation

Valentine’s Day
Going to the Dentist
ABC Dentist 

Cars 2
Toy Story
Leapfrog Letter Factory

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