Finished: Elf Hat

Our family welcomed a new baby cousin recently and even though the mama was hoping for a boy, I didn’t want to use blue for her baby gift just in case.  Of course, she did have a boy – over a week late, in a homebirth, and a whopping nine-pounder.   Go Jenny!

I went with red.  I’ve worked on knitting projects in-the-round for fingerless mittens and a pillow but had yet to try a hat (one of the most common in-the-round projects, I would assume).  I knew the kind I wanted to make and was excited when I found this free Munchkin Hat Pattern.


Sorry for the fake baby, but we don’t have a newborn in the house right now. *sniff sniff* Are you on Ravelry?  Check out my project details.

It was super-easy and fun to whip up, though I goofed a couple times because I was watching a movie at the same time – oops!  Had to unravel it a bit and re-do in a couple places but it turned out nicely in the end.  I’m hoping to adjust the pattern to make some bigger ones for the kiddos.


2 thoughts on “Finished: Elf Hat

  1. Bethany says:

    Hello, for some reason the email link is not working. I’d a like a copy of this pattern. Do you still have it available?

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