Preschool: Snow Week

Last week was one of our review weeks, but instead of going over some of the same stuff I decided to go with a simple theme.  Since we’re in the middle of winter, a snow-theme it was.  We had just gotten a big snow the previous weekend, but ironically it had all melted by Monday.  We’ve had a very mild Winter – no complaints here! – and I just hope we won’t pay for it later.

Our winter Bible verse was Psalm 51:7 printable from Totally Tots: “Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” 

As always, I got a slew of library books to supplement our own small collection.  We have the board book version of The Mitten and used it in conjunction with The Mitten printables from 1+1+1=1, Homeschool Share’s The Mitten unit and lapbook printables, and resources from author Jan Brett’s website.  

Gwen had so much fun putting each of the animals in the mitten as we read the story.  We did it a few times and she caught onto which one would come next.


Then she cut out animal images and matched them to little booklets with bits of trivia about them.  I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure on a couple of them.  For instance, does the badger have shiny teeth?  Which one has “diggers” and which ones has “big kickers”?  We practiced our educated guesstimations.


She colored an “I Love Snow” booklet with a rhyme sung to the tune of “Three Blind Mice,” we located Ukraine on the globe (since the story is a Ukrainian folk tale), and we talked about what “Baba” means in Ukrainian.  One of her favorite parts was decorating her own mitten with strips of yarn. 


We also did the activities with Josiah and the kiddos got a kick out of using Jan Brett’s animal masks.  I only printed out three – the bear, owl and rabbit and we took turns being each of them.

Why is it that my kids have the most fun doing the messiest of crafts?  I made snow paint using shaving ceam and glue and they decorated snow men.


Once Josiah realized I wouldn’t get upset with him for making a mess he went to town.  A true sensory experience!  Gwen ended up tracing her name in the paint.  In the middle picture Josiah is saying “squishy!”


We didn’t have any playdough since our batch of candy cane playdough from the holidays got… um… ruined when its container shattered.  Anywho, I decided to make snow playdough and put some pretty sparkles in it.  The kiddos decorated it with arctic animals.


I found this cute make-your-own snowman printable which Gwen and Josiah decorated.  Instead of using just one of the snowman’s outfits they decided to dress him in all the articles of clothing.  Maybe they wanted to make sure he was warm!


See my winter Pinterest board for more ideas.

Bulletin Board
Hm… picture must still be on my camera.  Stay tuned.

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