Preschool: S is for Sail

I had a bunch of ideas for this week, and while I got to some of them, I was overall disappointed how it went.  As I alluded to last week, I’m not always my kiddos’ biggest fan, and sometimes I just throw in the towel.  In fact, we ended up finishing on the weekend. 

Daddy read the kids their Bible story this week about how Jesus calmed the storm.  It worked in nicely with our theme!

This was another theme that would have been nice during the warmer weather.  Daddy made some paper boats (I tried, but they kept unfolding); it’s amazing how the simplest of toys can hold their attention and occupy them for the longest time.


We have this little Reader’s Digest book set called My First Science Box, and one of them is called Bobbing Joe – A first story about things that float.  Gwen especially loves the books in this series  and I used the story about floating in conjunction with a file folder game called Sink or Float.  What a neat idea! I compiled a tray of items – most of them suggested in the game itself – and had the kids guess whether the item would sink or float.  Then we tested the theories!   


We did a bunch of dry-erase activities and worksheets, including a sailboat maze, hidden pictures coloring page and a few other items from kidsparkz’ boat unit.


Since we couldn’t get outside and learn about boats, I kind of overdid it with the themed food.  The kids loved it!  There were hardboiled egg boats with sailboat sandwiches in blueberry water with golfish crackers (I even threw in some lifesavers for a treat!) for lunch one day, and banana boats for breakfast another. 


Always a favorite, we did a Letter Hunt worksheet. 

Gwen is so used to circling the letter of the week that she’ll hunt for letters in whatever else we’re doing – even if it’s not alphabet-related.  It’s really cute! 

She made her way through a letter maze

worked on her S poster with Josiah using sun and star stickers…

and did the letter activity on Starfall (she asks to do work on the computer all the time but I limit her screen time to about 15-20 minutes at a time).

Almost every activity we do incorporates counting in one way or another – like counting crackers at lunch or how many birds are at the feeder or listening to Mommy count before she gets in trouble *sigh* – but I print out a specific number poster each week.  This week she decorated the number eighteen with rubber stamps.  

She also did a sailboat number dot-to-dot

One of the other dot-to-dot pages she did stopped at the number fifteen, and she asked where the rest of the numbers were.  Kinda’ silly to stop at fifteen when we’re learning about eighteen, right? 

For some reason Gwen can’t seem to keep her shapes straight.  She knows her circles and usually her squares – and of course hearts and stars are a no-brainer – but she always gets tripped up on triangles and rectangles. 

This week we focused on the triangle to coincide with a ship’s sail.  All throughout the week we compared the shapes (the triangle-shaped cheese was a hit) and then she did some shape-specific activities. 


She and Josiah did lacing shapes.


And they helped me make a birthday banner for Auntie using these spelling flags and colorful stickers.  It’s the fun stuff that reinforces the practical lesson, I believe. 

What else, but Row, Row, Row Your Boat?

Bulletin Board

Book Basket
Boat – Eyewitness Books
Sail Away
Surrounded by Sea: life on a New England fishing island
Two Mice in a Boat
Captain Sam
Bobbing Joe

A Swim Through the Sea
Fancy Nancy Sees Stars*
Sammy, the Seal
My “s” book
The Seven Silly  Eaters*
Sloppy Joe
The SandwichSwap*
The Stars Will Still Shine
Splat the Cat
Sun Up
How High is the Sky?*
The Spectacular Adventures of Sophie and Sebastian

All Sorts of Shapes
Shapes in the Sky: a book about clouds

Spirit, stallion of the Cimarron
Strega Nona – and more stories

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  1. Beth says:

    What a FUN week! LOVE the sailboat lunches you made – too cute! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a GREAT weekend!
    Beth =-)

  2. Katie says:

    Karla, again I LOVE your honesty when you blog. Sometimes, I am FAR from my daughter’s favorite person. It is not easy being a mom, and I imagine even harder when you mom AND teacher. I LOVED your ideas and am featuring them tomorrow on Thrifty Thursday! I’ll email out the link tomorrow when its posted, but I wanted to let you know. Thanks for always linking up, I truly love reading your posts!

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