airplant terrariums

Ever since I saw these hanging globes I knew I wanted one – or three – to take up a corner of my house somewhere.  They immediately went on my wish list, where they have remained.  Until recently.  CB2 had a Christmas sale with free shipping and I immediately nabbed a few of these little guys.  

My initial idea for these were for what they were originally intended: candleholders.  Then I heard about Tillandsias (or airplants, as they are commonly known) and started drooling over putting together one of these airplant terrariums.  Cool fact about Tillandsias: they don’t need soil to live!  That’s why they’re called airplants.  You can put them basically anywhere as long as they have sunlight and get watered occasionally. 

I like the look of colored sand in a terrarium – like this sky blue sand or this purple sand – but a trip to my local craft shop did not prove fruitful.  Since I intended one of these to go to my big bossy sis for her birthday, I asked if she preferred rocks or sand in a terrarium.  Luckily for me, she chose rocks.   

I debated over which kinds of airplants to get and what to use as fillers.  Air Plant Supply Co. has a great selection of plants – and awesome customer service (my first batch didn’t make it and they graciously sent me a new shipment) – so I chose three of their smaller plants.  I was so excited when they came in the mail! 

I gingergly unpacked the little guys, giddy with excitement.  And yes, I actually gave them names.

The orange-y Ionatha Selecta is for Auntie Laura and Gwen gave her a special name (not sure how to spell it – we’ll have to let Auntie decide), the green Ionatha Guatemala is “Spike” and the purple-tipped Ionatha Rubra is “Ruby.” 

Along with the plants, I filled the glass globes with black rocks, dried pods from the floral section of the craft store, and Pinterest-inspired felt craspedia that I made with wool roving.  Since my sis is crazy about mustard-yellow, I also included a wire bird to keep her airplant company.    


Aren’t they pretty?  Let’s see if I can keep hers alive a little while longer until I can hand it over. :P  They brighten up the room and make me smile.  I’ve also found some other cool terrarium ideas – like using light bulbs and ornaments.  I may have to get a few more plants to add to my collection;  which one is your favorite?