I love me some shelves

I love to organize.  I’m always in search of The Perfect Organizational Solution for everything.  But I also have to work with what I’ve got.  Lucky for me, my hubby is pretty handy, being a carpenter ‘n’ all.  He actually asked me to prioritize our project list – no promises, though – and I told him I really wanted to have some shelves like these.  The first spot I wanted to put them was above the desk in Gwen’s room.  He just happened to have some old planks that he sanded down and re-finished. 


I love how they turned out and can’t wait to sprinkle some more floating shelves across the house – above the desk in the office, in the living room to spread around the photos and knick-knacks.  And since I’ve been simplifying our posessions I’m thinking an open-shelving plan for the kitchen would be sweeter than new cabinets.  Something like this or this or this?

Phil just shook his head at me when I hemmed and hawed over what to display on Gwen’s new shelves.  He told me I should let her pick what to display, but I maintained that I should at least give her some guidelines.  In addition to fixing up her desk area, I put some wall stickers from Auntie Nikki on her bureau. 


Josiah got his own wall stickers, and since his hand-me-down bureau (which I have yet to fix up) has pink drawer pulls I decided to boy it up a bit with the transportation stickers.  So cute!  I put the rest of them on the rail above his converted crib. 



I have a few wooden crates that used to belong to my grandmother and I’m always thinking of the best way to display them.  Currently one of them displays Josiah’s books ‘n’ things, but I’m thinking shelves, again.  I already took a cue from Pinterest and hung one on my kitchen wall.

What else can I organize?