Picture Projects

Rememer those picture frames that I had good intentions of repurposing back in the Spring?  Well… I finally got around to fixing them up!

Here’s the before:

Phil helped me spray paint the frames and cut glass to fit each one… but then they were just sitting around waiting to be put together.  I kept asking if we should order some matting, but he finally got a big piece of white board (not sure what the material is) from Lowe’s and cut it to fit the frames.  There were some pieces leftover and the kiddos use them for dry erase boards – how cool is that?


Our walls were bare for the longest time, and slowly but surely we have been filling them with pictures.  The silver frame is now up in our loft where Phil and I often watch movies after the kids have gone to bed.  The picture is a favorite of mine – a sepia-toned version of Gwen pushing Josiah in their toy shopping cart on Josiah’s first birthday.  They love that shopping cart, use it almost every day and often take it to the store.

The two large black frames greet me each morning as I go down the stairs.  At night I’ll stand at the top of the stairs and look down at their faces as I brush my teeth, wondering how I survived another day taking care of them. :)  I like that I can see the pictures from the bottom of the stairs, too.  I had planned on changing out the prints each year – the two currently in there are favorites from last year – but I think I’ll just leave them, they look so good.  I got the large prints during a Shutterfly sale.   

Phil had this shiny blue paint in the garage and I thought it would be fun to use on one of the frames.  I thought of displaying the kiddos’ artwork in it or something like that, but apparently it might be harder to change the contents so I decided on three 5x7s.  It currently hangs on the wall near our dining room/entryway but we’ll be changing that area soon (hopefully) and I’m not sure where it will end up. 

I took some inspiration from Pinterest for my next project.  Some of my family members will be moving away soon – *sniff sniff* – and I put together a little going-away present for them.  I got some old maps of the area, cut it to fit a frame I got for about $3 at Homegoods, and used this neat tutorial for stem stitching a heart around our town.  I used photo corners so the picture can be changed.  
I love how it turned out and can’t wait to give it to them!