Mock Maple Syrup

We have pancakes most mornings for breakfast.  I often soak the flour with buttermilk overnight and in the morning add the rest of the ingredients.  It makes for an easy, nutritious breakfast, one that can be varied in many ways.

I often add some canned pumpkin to the batter with cinnamon or other spices, maybe some orange juice and orange zest with blueberries, and dark chocolate chip pancakes with sliced bananas is a favorite.  Over the holidays I decided to add some whole cranberries with the chocolate chips – a revelation! 

Our toppings of choice are peanut butter and maple syrup…  but the syrup can be so expensive!  Especially when used in other baking, a little jar goes quickly.  One morning when we ran out of maple syrup I remembered a recipe I had snipped from a magazine.  It called for mixing brown sugar with water on the stovetop to make a syrup, and I decided to try it with my rapadura sugar.

It was really good!  I mixed 1c rapadura sugar with 1/4c water and simmered for a bit till the sugar was dissolved. 

You can also add a dash of vanilla or – like I did one morning – a splash of bourbon (rum would probably be good, too!).  The alcohol will burn off and you’ll be left with the flavor.      


I keep it in a small jar or pitcher in the fridge, and it crystalizes so I warm it in the microwave (on low, or else it will bubble up and overflow).