Preschool: O is for Ocean

Our preschool schedule got a little switched around over the holidays so I could focus on Christmas-related activities during the week of Christmas.  We got right back on schedule with the letter O.  

This week was originally supposed to be a review week so we didn’t have a specific Bible story planned but I ended up using  Isaiah 40:12 for our memory verse – Who else has held the oceans in his hands?  I printed out this memory verse card to put on the bulletin board.

I’ve been storing up a whole bunch of ideas for this week and I knew it was going to be ocean-themed.  This would have been so much more fun if it had been during the Summer and we could have gone to the actual ocean, but you work with what you’ve got.

With all the ocean-themed units I had bookmarked, I had to choose carefully which items to print out.  Even so, I used up all my laminating sheets and have yet to order more!  I downloaded Under the {girly} Sea from 1+1+1=1,  Ocean Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations and The Ocean unit from 2 Teaching Mommies.

They each did an accordian book – Gwen one on sea life and Josiah one on coloring the ocean animals.


I tried to think of a more creative use for the beautiful ocean-themed pictures that were in one of the units, but in the end I laminated them and Gwen matched the pictures and tell me the letters in each of the words. 

KidSparkz has a collection of shell-themed activities and we used a pattern sheet and their shell picture cards in conjunction with my jar of shells from the beach.  It was fun matching up the types and I was surprised how quickly Josiah went through them.


The word for the week was octopus, and it seemed like all of the octopus-related elements for the week ended up looking like spiders. *sigh*  Behold, the spider octopus dip garnish and the pipe cleaner spider octopus:


A while ago I had gotten a bag of blue and green pipe cleaners and pom poms on sale; the picture on the front showed this adorable octopus and I knew we had to make one.  I threw the picture away, of course, and couldn’t figure out the best way to form the creature.  It was a pathetic mess – but the kids had fun.

Not to be discouraged, we pressed on with toilet paper tube octopuses (octopi?) and they turned out pretty well.  Gwen had fun using dot markers to make the “suction cups” on the tentacles and Josiah kept glueing eyes onto his.  Yup, I made one too.



We made ocean waves in a bottle and even put a toy fish inside for extra realism. 

Our jellyfish in a bottle – though fun – wasn’t as realistic as the original version.  It probably would have helped if I had used a white trash bag and cut thinner strips for the tentacles. 


I put some of the worksheets in Gwen’s dry erase center and others in page protectors so she could use dry erase markers on them.  We do this every week with many of our pages so we can reuse them throughout the week and save them for future use.  

We read a story page and identified all the letter Os, circled the first letter in each of the ocean-related words and used Scrabble tiles to match the spelling words. 


There was a similar story page in another unit; Gwen picked out the letters, identified the key words, then did the corresponding word matching activity.


Both kiddos did a Do-A-Dot page. It’s interesting to see their individual techniques; Gwen may pick a color for each picture and meticulously stamp each one while Josiah will pick random colors and stamp away.


Usually we do a letter poster but there are so many printables out there I’ve been trying to keep it interesting.  I had bookmarked 1+1+1=1’s ABC Color By Number before and this week Gwen and I did the O is for Octopus coloring page.

Gwen decorated her number poster with 14 sea-themed stickers.  We did a few number dot-to-dot pages which has been helping her count past ten.


She also did ocean clip cards from one of the units and put together a foam puzzle she got for Christmas.


I took advantage of the O for Octopus and focused on the octagon shape.  Comparing the eight legs of an octopus with the eight sides of an octagon seemed to reinforce the concept.  Gwen did a stop sign lacing shape; she’s getting pretty good at it. 

One of the units had ocean shape cards and a find-and-trace-the-shapes page.


Bulletin Board

Book Basket
A Swim through the Sea
Over in the Ocean In a Coral Reef*
Coral Reef Hide-and-Seek*
The Hermit Crab
Oceans – The Vast, Mysterious Deep
Guide to the Oceans
I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean
Octavia and Her Purple Ink Cloud*

The Fairies’ Alphabet Book
Otto Goes to Bed
My “o” book
Olivia …and the Missing Toy*

One Little Blueberry

Over the Hedge
*the kiddos’ favorites

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Gwen is 4 years old and Josiah is 2.


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    So many amazing activities! LOVE the octopusus…or is that octopi? Oh and that ocean in a bottle look so cool!!!! Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday! hope to see you this week, I love all your ideas!

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