New Year’s Interview with the Kiddos

Each year for the kids’ birthdays I fill out their birthday books.  Nikki got one for me off Gwen’s wish list when she was a baby, and I liked it so much I got another copy for Josiah.  It’s a neat way to document each year, with a space for tidbits about that year’s birthday party, a couple pictures, some thoughts on your child, and time capsule pockets for random keepsakes.  Starting with the third birthday, there’s a short interview to go along with each birthday, and it’s so much fun to hear the answers.

In that same spirit, I was inspired to do a New Year’s interview with the kids.  I had previously decided that, each year, I would take their pictures at midnight – but for some reason this doesn’t seem to happen (yes, I’m an old fart).  Since I don’t have Photoshop, I decided to do a simple Word document with text boxes, and it was so easy to put together.  I didn’t feel like coming up with my own questions, so I combined some of the ones I had already perused.  Josiah’s interview is shorter because he wasn’t as comprehensive. *grin*

I inserted pictures “from file” and resized them to 2″ square; the fourth box I filled with color and added text.  Then I simply added a large text box to the righthand side of the page (removing the border) and filled it with the interview questions. 

I used a cool font called Sketch Block for their names at the top of the page, and I probably should have done a really plain text for the questions but I like things pretty, so I used CK Lazy Days.  I made the questions dark grey and the corresponding answers a different color.  I printed them out on cardstock and had the kids “sign” their names.

A conversations with Gwendolyn
My Favorite…

Food   apples        
Snack cheerios         
Treat  candy cane
Color  pink & purple
 Toy    my magic wand
Game   fish game
Movie Nemo      
Song   Jesus Loves Me
Season Winter – because I love skating on the ice
Book  Olivia

I really like to wear dresses
When I grow up I want to be a mommy
I would describe myself as me, Gwendolyn, magic
I wish that it’s another Christmas
I love it when it’s Christmas
My favorite memory reading books
The best thing about me is playing
When I get older I want to drive Mommy’s car; play with my brother; make breakfast, dinner & lunch
I really like my cousins, Josiah, Daddy, Mommy, Miss Diane
The coolest person on earth is Mommy
If I could go anywhere I’d go to church, because I like learning
When I was little I used to play with baby toys & sleep in Josiah’s crib
The best thing about camping is swimming
A food I don’t like is tomatoes
3 words that describe me are dressy, adventurous…

A conversation with Josiah
My Favorite…
Food             oranges
Snack            lollipops
Color           blue
Toy             fire truck
Game            Daddy
Movie         truck movie
Song             guy (?)
Book            lift-the-flap (by Karen Katz)

I really like to wear pants & shirt; sneakers
When I grow up I want to be tractor… vroom!
The coolest person on earth Meme & Pepe (said 4x)
When I’m outside I love to dirt, truck, 4-wheeler
If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to ride 4-wheeler
My favorite thing to do with Gwen is trains

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7 thoughts on “New Year’s Interview with the Kiddos

  1. heather at wordplayhouse® says:

    Karla, your children are going to have a keepsake they will enjoy looking back upon one day. It’s always fun to hear how children answer questions, especially when they are very young. Happy new year to you! -heather

    • karlamcurry says:

      Yes! He loves the set. He usually grabs the whole box and takes them all out. He hasn’t done it in a while, but whenever I would tell them each to pick out bedtime books he would *always* go for that box. :)

      Many of Gwen’s answers were swayed by recent events (e.g. proximity to Christmas), and we had just been reading the Olivia books (which she happens to like anyway), but the Angelina books are another of her favorites. We got the Halloween one from the library in October, and ever since she’s been asking to be a firefly fairy for next Halloween. :P I hope she forgets; I don’t want to make another tutu!

  2. Beth says:

    What a cute idea! I love that you are remembering what their favorites are – I need to do this!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great weekend,
    Beth =-)

  3. Katie says:

    You are SO creative! this is such an amazing idea as a keepsake. So much better than a baby book! Thanks so much for linking up at Thrifty Thursday!

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