Happy New Year

Wow… it’s January 1st.  Happy New Year!  The extent of our partying last night was a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling cider so the kiddos could have some and staying up to watch a movie together.  I did give the kids a little year-end interview and hope to print it out something like this; maybe I’ll remember to do one every year.

When Gwendolyn was a baby I used a calendar to write down all of her milestones and memorable moments.  After her first year I wasn’t as faithful writing down all the little details, but every now and then I write down something funny she has said.  I’ve come to call these Gwendy-isms

I thought I’d start the year off with a few of these Gwendy-isms from 2011.

Mommy: “Gwendolyn, what does it mean to be married?”
Gwen: “A ballerina!”

After telling her to move her chair over so my arm wouldn’t bump her at the dinner table, Gwen says “It’s okay, I’ll be fine Mommy – relax.”

“Bums don’t wear hoods.”

To Daddy: “You are a special kind of kid.”

About Peter Rabbit: “He’s a cute fellow.”

On the day Daddy started his new job, Gwen says to me: “Daddy left.  He doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore.”

Mommy: “You have pretty red hair.” 
Gwen: “Like Ariel.”

“If you have a problem then let’s change it.” 

“Great Gram’s my favorite uncle.”

Mommy: “Do you want to read that book for naptime?” 
Gwen: “It’s kinda scary so… no.”

At breakfast: “Mommy, you’re the best maker in the whole world.” 

About painted nails: “Those are fablious!”

While eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast: “Hey, the blueberries are coming out of the pancakes’ bottoms!”

Gwen: “I was gonna get married with Piglet’s Dad.”
Mom: “Who’s Piglet’s dad?”
Gwen: [tilts head] “He’s pretend.”

Gwen: “When Daddy gets home he can fix my princess necklace.”
Me: “Mommy can probably fix it better.”
Gwen: “But Daddy’s bigger.”

Gwen had been asking me not to “bump her ice cream,” going over bumps in the road with the car.  Obviously not being able to avoid the pavement, the car went over some more bumps, and she said: “I told you what I said, Mommy!”

Gwen came out of her room one morning, tired and rumpled in her pjs and said, “My tummy’s sick because it’s hungry.  I want blueberries in my smoothie, blueberry pancakes, and blueberries on yogurt.” 
Mommy: “So you want blueberries?”

Gwen: “You know, you’re the best maker in the whole world!” (she often says this when she likes the meal I’ve made) 
Mommy: “Why, thank you m’dear!” 
Gwen: “Josiah’s your m’dear.” 

While sitting at a traffic light Gwen asked what a sign said, and I told her it was the name of the bank.  Her reply: “Where the money lives?”

After asking her what her favorite part of VBS (Vacation Bible School) was she replied, “I’m gonna think about it just hold still buddy.” 
Mommy: “Did you have a good time?”
Gwen: “A little bit of a good time.” 

Gwen: (pointing) “Great Grandma Edna died up there.” 
Mommy: “Where?”
Gwen: “In heaven.” 

After asking her what she wanted to bring camping: “Maybe we could bring some food in case we eat.”   

“Josiah has different answers than I do. He has to grow up to have answers like I do.” 

To Josiah coloring a picture, “That’s Jesus, he cares for all.” 

“Daddy, you weren’t supposed to do that because you have a lot of powers and you know how to be good.”

“Did you just toot again smarty pants?”

”Oh dear, oh dear, don’t worry Mother.”

Watching “Planet Earth” about the bat dung hill in the cave, we were talking about how the beetles eat anything that falls into the pile.  I told Gwen how God made those bugs, and they need the food that falls in.  Gwen says: “We like chicken.” 

Playing store with Josiah, “You can’t buy strawberries when they’re 13.16.”

Mommy: “What did you learn at church today?” 
Gwen: “That’s a good question, Mama.”

*     *      *      *      *      *

Out of the mouths of babes.  My kiddos are always making me laugh! 

I’m not making any resolutions per say, but there are some things I would like to accomplish.  I keep telling myself I’ll learn how to use my mother’s old sewing machine; I already have a bunch of projects in the wings!  I’m excited to try a hand-sewn doll – a find inspired by these Pocket Pixies – since I won’t have to use the machine.   

My knitting skills have improved, but I feel the need to challenge myself a bit more.  Though they’re probably considered a simple project, I have yet to try a hat in-the-round… maybe I’ll start with this delightful little baby munchkin hat.  If the yarn weren’t so expensive I’d be all over the Shopping Tunic.

Almost every week I plan to try a new recipe, and while it doesn’t always happen, I try a great deal of new recipes throughout the year.  I’ve weeded out a number of prospects and whittled down my recipe binder to tried-and-true favorites.  I need to get crackin’ on some more recipes and organize my recipe binder

I’m not taking any drastic measures, but I feel the need to re-vamp my eating habits.  I’ve made too many exceptions for special occasions and holidays and the weight has slowly been creeping back on.  Even though we don’t have any food allergies or sensitivities, I like to experiment with vegan recipes from time to time and have considered eliminating wheat and gluten-containing foods.  I wonder if this would also translate into healthier skin, since I’ve always suffered from acne and rosacea.    

As a family we want to go camping again when the weather gets nicer and it’s exciting to discover new places together.  Another things we have been praying about is having another baby… but there are health risks to be considered. *sigh*  We’re also on the lookout for a new [used] car after we found problems with mine recently; so far we’re leaning towards a Subaru Outback or a Dodge Caliber for good mileage and handling in bad weather (any suggestions?).  Decisions, decisions… 

May your 2012 be a fresh start, filled with love and laughter and every good thing.  What are some things you hope to accomplish or change this year?