Preschool: L is for Leaves

Ack! I’m so behind… and it’s only going to get worse with Christmas just around the corner. In fact, at the end of the week we got a late start because we put up some Christmas decorations; the kids were especially excited about putting up their manger scene.



I’ve been focusing on finishing up some gifts, doing our advent calendar activities, staying on top of the piles of laundry that so quickly accumulate.  How can two little people generate so much laundry when their clothes are so much smaller?

Let’s see if I can give an abbreviated version of homeschool from a couple weeks ago, since I still need to get caught up on this past week…

The Bible story was a continuation of the previous week in which Hannah’s baby grew into a boy. Samuel lived in the temple with Eli and when God called him he obeyed. I found this cute idea for a matchbox bed, symbolizing the fact that Samuel was sleeping when the Lord called him.  Inside I put a little “Samuel” doll and our verse for the week: Psalm 85:8 I will listen to what God says.  Gwen has been playing with that little bed ever since!


Ever have one of those weeks when you have tons of stuff planned, lots of great ideas and creative activities you’re sure will be a hit with the kiddos?  Well, I think coming off the week of Thanksgiving, we were a little pooped.  And I was extremely low on patience. *Sigh*

Since trees and leaves were our theme for the week, I spent a bunch of time preparing some things from nature detective’s tree activity pack and printing out some of the items from 2 Teaching Mommies’ leaves unit.  We made a collage of collected items on our scavenger hunt, identified some of the different types of leaves in our yard, labeled the parts of a leaf, and made some simple observations of the leaves using all five senses (well, Gwen didn’t want to eat the leaves).




Despite the messes that the kiddos tend to make with the sensory bins, I was inspired to make an autumn-y bin.  


What’s Inside:
multi-colored popcorn
rubber trees
lego trees
cinnamon sticks
mini pumpkins
silk leaves
Scrabble L-E-A-F tiles 
leaf confetti (not shown)

I also gave the kids some scoops and funnels and they went to town. Gwen got the birds that were originally from our bird sensory bin, fed them some popcorn, then clipped them to the trees.  Josiah was all about scooping, pouring, transferring; it’s so neat to see the different ways they play!

I was excited about combining a couple crafts I had pinned on my Pinterest board – a fall tree craft from toilet paper tubes with coffee filter watercolor leaves.  They’re still the centerpiece on our table!  


In conjunction with the trees and leaves printables, I printed out some leaf masks.  They would have looked better on cardstock, which I didn’t have, so I opted for laminating them.  The designs are beautiful, and now that I’ve picked up some cardstock I may print them out again.  These would make great Halloween masks for a tree or woodland fairy costume!

Gwen used Scrabble tiles to spell out “Leaves” with one of the printables from 2 Teaching Mommies.

The kids were excited to talk about lollipops, a favorite treat.  We made Totally Tots’ l is for lollipop craft and Josiah actually tried to take a bite!


It has been fun getting both of them involved in some of the activities, rather than saving them all for Josiah’s naptime.  They both worked on the letter poster, putting lion and ladybug stickers all over. 


They each did some dry-erase work; they love using those markers and I love that it cleans up easily.


And Josiah has been lovin’ the Do-A-Dot pages, which means I have to make two copies (he has a surprisingly steady hand with those markers, too!).

Gwen has been getting very good at writing her letters all by herself, without me having to make connect-the-dot letters first.

Now that we’re past the number ten it can be difficult to come up with fun ways to teach a specific number.  Most children’s books and workbooks seem to be centered around the smaller numbers and some of the workbooks we already have don’t go past ten.  Gwen colored her number eleven poster with dot markers, but that’s pretty much the only number-specific activity we had. 

Since Gwen loves clip cards, I used the set from the leaves unit and Gwen went to town (I liked the shape of these!).  Sometimes I tell her to finish them all by herself without asking me if she counted correctly to see if she gets them all right the first time.

Then I used a set of flashcards and Gwen had to count out the corresponding amount of leaf confetti.  The little themed elements help, I swear!


I didn’t capitalize too much on the color yellow since Gwen knows all her colors already, but I did put together an all-yellow lunch one day by happy accident.

On the plate: grilled cheese, hardboiled egg, yellow peppers and pineapple.  I had gotten the book One Yellow Lion out of the library, intending to read it in conjunction with Totally Tots’ L is for Lion craft, but I didn’t get the book in time and it’s just one of those things we didn’t get around to.   

There were a few coloring pages, and Gwen got very creative with one of her drawings.  The two figures are Mommy and Daddy and, in her own words, “that’s Daddy’s bum and penis.”  HA!  I couldn’t stop laughing.

Our rhyme for the week was “I Had a Little Nut Tree.” 

Bulletin Board

Book Basket
Autumn Leaves
The Tree
We Planted a Tree
The Grouchy Ladybug
Ladybug Girl*
Lucille Camps In*
LEO the Lightning Bug
Lulu’s Lost Shoes
My “L” Book
Lilly’s Big Day*
Llama Llama Red Pajama*
Angelina’s Lucky Penny
Limburger’s Little White Lie

A World of Colors

Stuart Little
*Gwendolyn’s favorites

So much for abbreviated, eh?

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Gwen is 4 years old (48 months) and Josiah is 2 (24 months).


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    Karla, You guys did so many cute things here! Love the leaf trees & the yarn lollipops are way cute! And I love that wherever you are you are still able to get out & get leaves – ours are under snow! =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF & I hope you have a great week!!
    Beth =-)

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    Karla I LOVE all the activities you are doing! Especially the trees!! SO adorable! I also LOVE your board….I am thinking maybe I should put one up too….hhhmmm…..Thnks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday!

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