Cookie Mix in a Jar

Our advent calendar activity a couple days ago was Random Act of Kindness, so the kiddos and I made a treat to leave in the mailbox for our mail lady.  I had hemmed and hawed over what to give, then decided upon this pretty presentation for cowgirl cookies in a jar

I did like the original pink version but instead bought a package of dark chocolate M&Ms and opted for the cowboy cookies tag since the mix didn’t look girly.  I had a bunch of brown paper so I used that for the top of the jar and tied it with natural ribbon and added pieces of silver tinsel (to make it more festive, y’know?).   

The free printables that came with the original recipe were really handy; there are both pink and brown tags with accompanying directions for the recipe – much neater and simpler than hand-writing it!  I didn’t have cardstock so I laminated the tags.  I’ll be making another one in a plastic container to mail to some friends. 

I’m a sucker for gifts in a jar.  I almost went with chocolate chip oatmeal quickbread but I thought I printed the recipe and couldn’t find it anywhere.  Need some inspiration?  Eat your heart out

The UPS guy just delivered a package and it occurred to me it would be nice to have a gift for him as well, especially since it must get hectic this time of the year.  Something tells me that a man wouldn’t be too keen on a cookie mix, though.  Any suggestions?  All I can think of is a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.