Chalkboard Buckets

Another gift idea!  I’m just crankin’ out the crafts these days and it feels good – despite having to cram it in to an otherwise busy schedule.  The laundry seriously suffers when I’m heating up the glue gun and breaking out the scrapbook papers.

My sister-in-law has six boy and each year it’s a challange to come up with gifts for all of them.  The oldest one is a teenager now so we end up getting him a gift card, but I tend to stick to a theme – or a group gift – when picking something for the younger ones. 

This year I was inspired by the chalkboard craze, intending to use it for a perpetual calendar – but that project got put on the back burner.  Then I saw this chalkboard book and ended up making for Gwen.  A little light went off in my head when I remembered I had some little metal buckets left over from the favor candy buffet from our wedding ten years ago and I started looking around for ideas, eventually coming across this chalkboard bucket project.  I like how only the outside is painted, while the rim and inside remain silver. 

So one day I took the handles off the buckets, put painters’ tape on the rim, and sprayed primer all over.  Once dry, Phil covered them with a coat of chalkboard paint.  They looked so cool!  I finished them off by tying pieces of ribbon all across the handles, similar to the Prayer Pail.  When writing the names on the buckets some of the paint started coming off, and Phil mentioned he probably should have done more than one coat; if it had been me I would have laid it on thick and gone over it again once it was dry.  So… I painted them all over again!  It may have helped to lightly sand the buckets first… or maybe even use chalkboard spray paint.

In any case, I love how they turned out.  A few of the goodies inside differ from the oldest to the youngest, but basically they contain chalk, stickers, crazy straws, hot chocolate and marshmallows, fruit snacks, honey straws, yo-yos, color smoke “bombs,” Thanksgiving Story Bracelets and Target gift cards. 

Some of my other favorite ideas for chalkboard surfaces are repurposing tin cans, tablets and dressers, as labels and gift tags.  Oh, and then we have its intended purpose – a good ol’ wall or two for the kids to practice their artwork.

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