Wedding Invitation Ornament

When I saw this wedding invitation ornament I knew I had to make one.  And of course I pinned the project on my Pinterest board because it’s such a wonderful, versatile project.  You could use a baby announcement, a special card you received, anything on paper that you want to commemorate. 

In fact, why stop there?  I’ve always loved the clear glass ornaments and the potential they hold.  You could put a pretty feather in it, your baby’s handprint on it, a photo inside, even use it for hot cocoa or as a terrarium.

Most of my family members don’t exchange Christmas gifts anymore but my sister-in-law has a birthday in December.  She got married a couple years ago to my twin brother and I just so happened to have kept a copy of her wedding invitation.  I can’t wait to give this to her! 

Not picture in the materials picture are the paper cutter for cutting strips of the wedding invitation and wedding program, pen/pencil I used to curl the sections of paper, and some pieces of cut bias tape that I used in addition to the blue ribbon. 

The width of your strips will be determined by the size of the text on your invitation.  Don’t stress – they don’t have to be perfect.

Roll each strip around a pen or pencil (I found a pencil worked better); this invitation was printed on cardstock and held its curled shape nicely.  After curling each piece simply drop it inside a clear glass ornament. 

I used the whole wedding invitation and few key details from the program.  It’s neat to see different pieces of text peeking out in different places.  I didn’t like how the blue ribbon looked tied in a bow, so I used that soley for hanging and cut up some ivory bias tape to tie on a seashell charm (also customizable!) with some strips hanging down decoratively.  I like how it adds a shabby chic element. 

I think this would make a great present for any occasion – especially for a birthday, anniversary, or around the holidays.  It would be especially meaningful perhaps for a 1st anniversary or for someone who’s been married a long time and you still have one of their invitations.  I was just thinking it would be neat to write a love letter for my husband and make him put the pieces together; I’m a sucker for romantic gifts!  You could make a tradition out of it and change it every year.  For a baby announcement you could tailor the colors to the baby’s gender and use a rattle or footprint charm.  The possibilities are endless! 

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