Finished: Fingerless Mittens for Gwen

It felt so good to pick up the needles again and finish the pillow for my sister that I decided to immediately embark upon another project.  Last year I made a couple sets of fingerless mittens – one for Nikki’s little boy Elijah and another for Gwendolyn.  It was my first project in-the-round and I was thrilled to have completed it; the pattern was a pretty easy knit once I got the hang of handling the small, double-pointed needles.  Since Gwen’s first pair got passed down to Josiah I decided to knit her another pair.


I had a cotton blend yarn in a pretty red-orangey color, but it was a bit too thin so I double-stranded it with a gorgeous rainbow-y sock yarn. 

To make them slightly larger for Gwen’s four-year-old hands I added a few rows into the cuff ribbing, knit stitches and finger ribbing.  If and when I make more pairs, I think I’d like to make the cuff even longer to keep the lower arms warm and be able to tuck them into sleeves or jackets.

Hm… what should I knit next?