Natural Powdered Sugar

Little by little I have been weeding out white flour, white sugar and other refined foods from our diets.  But still I’ve kept some of these ingredients on our shelves and in our pantry, “just in case.”  I finally decided that I don’t want to compromise with unhealthy ingredients, no matter what I’m making and for whom I’m making it.  Side note: I do continue to keep white flour for homemade play dough.  

However, while trying to decide on a birthday cake for the kiddos, I realized that many frosting recipes contain powdered (confectioners’) sugar.  I know there’s “organic” powdered sugar, but it’s still powdered white sugar.  I remembered reading somewhere that you could make your own powdered sugar but wasn’t sure if it would work for my sugar of choice: Rapadura (scroll down for a good definition).   

I have gone through a few different “natural” sugars before settling on Rapadura.  My first substitution was brown sugar, which is the exact same thing as white with a bit of molasses added back in.  For a while I was on an agave nectar kick – especially the flavored varieties for pancakes – but when I learned that this can be worse than HFCS I trashed it.  As one of the least-processed sweeteners, Nourishing Traditions advocates for the use of Rapadura over any other natural, turbinado, muscavado or demerara type sugars, but I couldn’t find it in stores.  Instead, I opted for Sucanat – very similar to Rapadura although slightly more processed; it’s also more grainy and doesn’t seem to mix in or dissolve as well.

I finally found Rapadura at a nearby natural food store – for a whopping $8 a bag!  Which explains why I was psyched when I found it online for almost half that.  Both Vitacost and Amazon currently have the lowest prices, and I’ve been purchasing mine from Vitacost so I don’t have to place a bulk shipping order.

But what to do about the powdered sugar?  Someone else made powdered sugar from Sucanat, so I figured I’d give it a whirl with my Rapadura.  I poured half the bag into my blender and gave it a go, tipping the blender this way and that to make sure the contents all got to the bottom.  When I took off the cover there was a glorious little cloud of powdered sugar dust – sweet victory!  

Before & After

I haven’t tried it in a recipe yet, but if making a white frosting be aware that you won’t get pure results!  I’m sure it will work beautifully in a chocolate frosting.

If you’d like to order some for yourself, feel free to order through Vitacost – you can get $10 off through my link.  I like to stock up on organic palm shortening, honey, coconut oil and SLS-free toothpaste to qualify for the free shipping over $49.

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