Finished: Cylinder Pillow

Remember the pillow I started knitting for my sister?  It’s finished!  I got a little nervous about three-quarters of the way through; I decided to weave in some of the loose ends and cinch one end closed and I didn’t know how to go about stuffing it and finishing it off. 

A rolled-up towel just got pushed around and didn’t give much shape, then hubby had a great idea – cut a piece of egg-carton foam.  Genious!  Last night I completed the knitting, cutting, stuffing and cinching while half-watching a documentary on Hulu.  Reminds me of The Old Days when Big Sis and I would sit and “watch” movies for hours while making jewelry.    

Here was Big Sis’ inspiration:


And here’s my version:

She specifically wanted a golden, mustard color; I thought it would be hard to find but there was actually quite a variety of bold yellows.  The problem was finding something thick enough for the project; I knew I would have to knit with a double strand, but I didn’t want to get something so thin that the double-strand wouldn’t even do the job.  My first choice was Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton Yarn in Mustard, but it was just a tad too thin.  So I ended up with four skeins of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool Blend (50% wool, 50% acrylic) in Golden Rod – on sale, woohoo!   

I had fun doing this on circular needles and I’m inspired to try and make the Shopping Tunic from Twinkle’s Big City Knits – it would be my first piece of non-baby clothing!