Preschool: H is for Hand

I was excited about our H week, thinking of all the handprint crafts we could do.  Ironically… we didn’t do anything with handprints!  One of the reasons we didn’t get around to it is that we went camping Friday and Saturday; though I brought some books and activities, we didn’t do as much sit-down stuff as we do at home.  I would say the weekend at Pine Acres was far more rewarding than any school day (hopefully more on that soon)! 

The week was chock full of other activity, so we’ll just have to keep our handprints for the next review week.

This week finished up the story of Moses’ life with the ten commanments.  I find that it’s much easier for Gwen to assimilate stories and concepts when they’re carried over into the next week, so having three weeks in a row devoted to Moses (first baby Moses, then the parting of the Red Sea) helped her remember the character.  We finally watchced The Prince of Egypt on movie night; Gwen seemed particulary engrossed and almost surprised that she recognized some of the characters. 

One of my favorite sites for Bible-themed printables – either to be used on their own or in lapbooks – is Christian Preschool Printables.  I don’t like having everything match – for instance, the coloring page doesn’t have to be the exact same as the mini story book – but every now and then I’ll print out one or two resources.  There are a number of printables on the Ten Commandments page, and I printed the Life of Moses Bible Minibook twice – once to staple together and another to be laminated and used as sequence cards.     

It wasn’t easy to remember the whole list of ten commandments – even I forget what they all are and in what order they’re supposed to be! – but I found this cute Ten Commandments Train which made it fun to learn (there’s another version that’s similar).  I laminated the pieces and cut them all out – which was, quite seriously, a pain – and put number stickers on the back so Gwen could put them in order.  Josiah “helped,” saying “choo choo” the whole time. 


I didn’t remember all of them while going through the commandments with the kiddos, but I found this neat print with a simplified version for children. 
1. Only have one God.
2. Love God more than anything.
3. Always use God’s name with respect.
4. Keep God’s day special.
5. Respect and obey your mom and dad.
6. Do not murder. (I also told the kids, “don’t hurt people”)
7. Keep your wedding promises. (mommies and daddies stay together)
8. Do not steal.
9. Do not lie.
10. Do not envy others.

Our word for the week was hand, and our theme was the human body.  I found a bunch of different resources and picked a few elements from each one.  Lawteedah has a human body unit study from which I chose the parts of the body flashcards, label the body page and All About Me Minibook.  Gwen did the body labels, the kiddos did the flashcards and I helped them fill out their minibooks. 


I didn’t end up using the other elements from 2 Teaching MommiesMy Body unit, but there were some good resources and the kiddos both did the Shape Person craft.  I asked Gwen what the different shapes were and she did a pretty good job putting it together herself and decorating it. 


Another unit I didn’t end up using is the Human Body Lapbook from 1+1+1=1; it’s worth a look if you’re looking for resources. 

In addition to not getting around to any handprints activities, I was disappointed we didn’t do our “h is for horse” letter craft.  Guess we’ll have to save that for another week, too!  We did, however, watch DK Eyewitness – HORSE that I found at the library.  It was interesting for the whole family, informative and not too long for the kiddos. 

Gwen did her usual Do-A-Dot page, letter hunt worksheet that I always put in her dry erase center, and some other workbook pages that I put in page protectors so she can use dry erase markers on them. 


I couldn’t think of how to decorate her letter picture, then remembered I had some heart rubber stamps.  She and Josiah had fun stamping hearts all over the H. 

I don’t always find a book or resource that goes along very well with a concept for the week, and specific numbers can be challenging, but I found a really cute book at the library.  We’re still reading The Seven Silly Eaters and I think I may add this to my list

One of the body units had some handprint clip cards which I printed out and laminated.  Gwen used mini clothespins to mark the correct amount of handprints on the cards; she seemed to really enjoy these. 


It worked out well that the color of the week was orange, seeing that it’s Fall and close to Halloween, and pumpkins are everywhere.  We had a few coloring pages and some stories about the color orange. 

This one was an easy one; “Head and Shoulders” was a no-brainer for this week!  We sang the song over and over, trying to go faster and faster each time – the kiddos loved this! 

Bulletin Board

Book Basket
(*these are the books we especially enjoyed)


Moses and the Red Sea
The Ten Commandments for Children

From Head to Toe
Looking Into My Body
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
The Kissing Hand*
Here Are My Hands

My “h” Book
Harold and the Purple Crayon
The House That Had Enough*
Miss Hunnicutt’s Hat*
Angelina and Henry
Angelina’s Halloween*
The Fairies’ Alphabet Book

The Seven Silly Eaters*
Hannah and the Seven Dresses

Orange Pear Apple Bear
Mathilde and the Orange Balloon*        

The Prince of Egypt
Leapfrog Letter Factory
DK Eyewitness – Horse

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Gwen is 3 years old (47 months) and Josiah is 1 (23 months).


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    I had to laugh when I saw what you wrote about planning but not doing any hand-related crafts. It sounds just like my week where my plans went out the window and we went outside! :)

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    Love your post! It is so refreshing to read how others are discipling their children!! I love the 10 commandments train ~very cool. Thanks for linking up to TGIF Linky Party =-)

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