The Things We Do For Our Kids

Before I had kids I used to think, If I ever have kids I hope they don’t do anything to embarass me.  HA!  Gwen oftentimes picks her own mismatched clothes to wear and throws on her scarf-turned-cape before heading to the library.  And you know what?  It makes me smile.  I get warm fuzzies watching my kids be themselves and find joy in the little things.

While at the craft store recently, I scored a fuzzy cat ears headband for a couple bucks, figuring I’d put it away for Gwen’s dress-up trunk.  The night before last, I was trying to think of something I could wear Halloween morning, just to be silly.  I remembered the cat ears and, lo and behold, they fit!  When the kiddos saw me with the cat ears and eyeliner-whiskers they were enthralled.  And then we all had to be cats!  Meowing away, of course.  I whipped them up some pom pom ears and attached them to a couple of Gwen’s headbands, and we headed out to see Meme and Daddy at work, and then us cool cats got groceries.  It was the cutest. thing. ever.

Remember the tutu I was working on for Gwen?  I kept hemming and hawing over how to finish it and complete the costume.  I really didn’t want to buy anymore supplies, but while browsing around the craft store I was cutting through the fake flower section when I saw these pretty sparkly poinsettias.  I got one on a whim, inspired to use the leaves as mermaid scales. Using this idea to hot glue elements to a tutu, I glued the leaves – er, scales – to the waistband of the tutu.  To get the mermaid’s tale I tied a piece of leftover tulle around the bottom.  I love how it turned out!


Gwen was so excited to get into her mermaid costume.  She wore some green pants underneath so she wouldn’t be cold, but since it wasn’t freezing outside she wore starfish flip flops.  We put a plain long-sleeved purple shirt on top, then layered pearls and turquoise beads.  With some of the leftover materials I hot glued some “scales” with a starfish and a pearl to make a hair clip, which adorned her hair along with some strips of shiny green net-like tulle.  Oh, and let’s not forget the makeup – white sparkles and turquoise on the eyes and sparkles all over her cheeks.  I found a shiny purple gift bag and tied a bunch of tulle to the handles for her treat bag.  Gwen was enthralled, trying not to smile, of course; she kept calling herself a “mermaid princess.”  

Josiah was less than thrilled with his get-up. Trying to be economical and not able to sew, I was leaning towards either the Freakin’ Cute Frankenstein or little homeless kid.  Well, the homeless kid won out since I didn’t have to buy anything.  I ripped some holes in a pair of jeans, found a plaid shirt, mismatched his shoes, and rubbed some makeup-stubble on his face.  Oh, and let’s not forget the clincher – the cardboard sign that read “Will work for candy!”  His treat bag was a trash bag.  He was so darn cute, though he didn’t want to wear the hat we gave him and he got really upset that his shoes didn’t match.  Hehe.

Instead of going from door to door around the neighborhood, we have kept Phil’s childhood tradition alive.  We drive the kiddos around to the homes of friends and family; it’s a great excuse to visit loved ones, and it means we don’t end up with too much candy. 

Our first stop is Meme and Pepe’s since they live right in town.  Meme got all decked out as the Fairy Godmother, only for her grandkids, since they don’t get other trick-or-treaters.  Gwendolyn loved it; Josiah wasn’t too sure.  See his stance and expression?  That’s the way he remained for the entire visit.      

We were chuckling the entire evening, talking about how cute the kids are, how big they’re getting, what kinds of costumes we could come up with in the future.  We talked about how funny it is that we do all of this just because it’s Halloween.  But it’s fun.  We don’t get into the skeletons and devils and cobwebs and all that, and we’re not big on decorating – though I do go for pumpkins and Hardy Mums and other Fall decorations – but it’s so much fun doing things for your kids. 

Now… onto November!  Looking forward to Thanksgiving and the kiddos’ birthdays.  I’m putting some finishing touches on some homemade gifts and I still have to start my Christmas letter – agggh!

How do you celebrate Halloween?  What are some silly things you do for your kids that you might not otherwise do?  What do you do to prepare for the holidays?

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