Dancing Ribbons

During my many perusings on Etsy I came across these Dancing Ribbon Rings.  I immediately fell in love and they went on my list of gift ideas for Gwendolyn.  As almost always happens when looking at crafty things, I figured – I could make those

Since Christmas is looming on the horizon, I finally added “wooden rings” and “ribbon” to my craft shopping list.  Try as I might, however, I could not find the wooden rings anywhere.  I found some smaller varieties, and every other wooden shape imaginable, but not the ones I was looking for.  I had seen other ribbon rings tutorials using plastic shower curtain hooks and even wooden curtain rings but I didn’t like the look of these as well. 

Sometimes improvising yields the best results.  What is it they say?  “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  So whereas I didn’t need to make these, I really wanted to and was fortunate enough to happen upon some mini grapevine wreaths (something like these) that were the right size.

The other night I finally sat down with my materials: two 3″grapevine wreaths and 
three spools 1/4″ narrow satin ribbon (1o yds each, different colors).  I hadn’t really studied the original picture from Etsy and figured I would have to sew or hotglue the ribbon onto the ring, but then I realized the ribbon is just tied in knots.  Phew!  Each ring has two lengths of each colors (when doubled and tied it ends up being four strands), so I divided each spool into four lengths (about 90″ each).  Then I tied the ribbon on the rings, deciding how I wanted to vary the color.  I tried to keep the lengths even, but I don’t mind the uneven look on the ends.  Then I heat-sealed the edges with a lighter to prevent fray.

Phil helped me cut the ribbon, and as I was assembling the rings, I broke out into a huge grin, realizing how much Gwen is going to love getting these in her Christmas stocking.  I love how they came out – very natural and elegant.  I gleefully swung them around for fun (Phil just shook his head at me and said how cute I am) and realized I need to make a couple more pairs – one for me and one for Josiah!  Well, for Josiah anyway (in boy colors).  

A similar project on my crafting to-do list: DIY Ribbon Sticks.

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  1. Beth says:

    Very cute idea! I bet your daugther loved it! Thanks for linking up tot TGIF Linky Party. Look forward to seeing you again next week =-)

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