Picking up the needles

I’m knitting again! I’ve been so busy doing preschool with Gwen, trying to keep up with basic household stuff, even squeezing in a few non-kid related crafts here and there that I haven’t picked up the knitting needles in ages.  I think the last time I knit something was for my mom’s birthday back in the Spring.

For Christmas last year my husband got me Itty-Bitty Toys: How to Knit Animals, Dolls, and Other Playthings for Kids from my wish list.  I never got a picture of them but I knit a set of colorful balls for Nikki’s new baby, and I attempted another project which was supposed to go along with the Welcome Baby gift, but just when I had gotten into a pretty good rhythym on a set of size 3 double-pointed needles, Josiah got into my project and unravelled the yarn. *sigh*  I hope to return to the project at some point, but after that I lost the motivation.

Fast-forward to now, and my sister asks me to knit something for her.  Basically, she wants this pillow but in a different color.  By this point I’m thinking, I don’t even remember how to hold the needles and cast on!  I checked out a link she found for me, “How To: Make Your Own Knitted Pouf“, but found the directions rather vague.  I found a couple patterns that helped get me started: knitting: the pickle pillow (more the shape of what I’m going for rather than a big puff ball) and DIY Knit Pouf (this one is done on circular needles, which immensely simplifies the sewing-up process). 

I finally got the yarn and size 15 circular knitting needles (my first project on circulars, although I’ve done knitting in-the-round before), which I’m finding are somewhat of a pain to use.  I like that I don’t have to turn the work with every row, but even though I soaked the plastic in hot water it still has an annoying kink that catches my work. 

If this finishes nicely I’m thinking of making some round knit poufs for the kiddos – I bet they’d love sitting on and playing with them.