Birthday Goodness

After turning the big 3-0 last year, turning plain ol’ thirty-one today seems almost anti-climactic.  But I don’t need a big shebang to feel special.  Even though Phil is working a 24-hour shift, I feel much better today than I did when I celebrated our tenth anniversary all by myself last month. 

The kiddos and I had breakfast with Mom at T’s Restaurant, and afterwards I took them to a playground nearby.  


Now that I have children, I’ve found that most of what I do stems from a desire to make them happy.  Even though it may technically be “my day,” I wanted to do something special for them.  After all, they’re here because of me, so they’re as much a part of the celebration as I am.  I feel this even more strongly on their birthdays, since it commemorates not only the day they were born, but the day I gave birth to them.  

Anyhoo… I don’t know if I would call it a tradition, but I have this birthday ritual that’s been going on for the past few years.  It may have initially started when I was once again by myself, trying to think of a small way to celebrate.  I had passed Sweet Twist on a number of occasions, always wanted to stop because I was intrigued at the notion of a gift shop that also sold chocolates.  I love dark chocolate, and even more so do I love dark chocolate truffles.  It’s a little different now that the kiddos are with me – lots of pointing and “Mama, look!” and “No, don’t touch that.”  They each got to pick out one thing for their Christmas stocking, and then we got a small box of truffles.  Gwen wanted “the one with the sparkles” (cupcake flavor with sprinkles) and I picked strawberry for Josiah.  For the rest, I chose tiramisu, pumpkin spice, raspberry, and creme de menthe.  Since I shared them, I really only ended up eating about two. 

And yes, I’m trying to justify myself because I’ve been pretty good at remaining consistent with my healthy eating habits, but whenever a special occasion comes around I almost always make an exception.  Like when Phil came home with ice cream and root beer last night to make root beer floats to go along with homemade pizza and a movie.  And celebrating Nikki’s 30th birthday with an international chocolate tasting – two big trays filled with an assortment of chocolate tidbits.  And carrot cake and peanut M&Ms for my anniversary.  I can’t handle all these special occasions!  And Phil wants to take us out tomorrow…

Look at what he left me this morning:

I brought the bouquet of Dahlias downstairs this morning to put on the kitchen table, only to realize he had another bouquet already down there!  When he saw me bring the flowers back upstairs, Josiah got it in his head that that’s where all the flowers belonged, so he kept trying to carry them up the stairs – “Up there, up there!” 

Other surprises were in store.  My twin bro Dan and his wife are away, but they snuck a package to Phil and they gave me two awesome books: Canning for a New Generation and Design Sponge at Home – I can’t wait to look into their crisp, new pages!  My mom also had a bag of yummy, practical goodies when she saw me at breakfast. 


A little birdie got in touch with some of my high school friends and somehow twisted their arms to send me birthday greetings.  It feels like Christmas around here with all the cards!   


And, in spite of my better judgement, Phil gave me the go-ahead to purchase these babies:

I’ve had my eye on these Brown & Turquoise Boots from Crow’s Nest Trading Co. and can’t wait till they come in the mail!  Let me pass along the savings: if you decide to order something from their website use promo code S11901 for 10% off a $150+ order. 

My parents are taking Gwen to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular tonight and are insisting we all go along, so that oughtta be fun, as long as it’s not too cold!  Haven’t picked a restaurant for tomorrow yet, but I’m consider The Old Mill in MA.  I suppose the story is for another time, but going to The Old Mill for my birthday is a long-standing tradition for my family – my parents ate there while on a drive through Massachusetts looking at the foliage the day before my brother and I were born, and growing up I don’t think we ever missed a year going back. 

Feeling happy and blessed.