I’ve finished the laundry and the dishes and don’t feel like doing anymore housework, so I thought I’d share a few highlights from last week.  I realized I forgot to share the kiddos’ reaction to the ice cream sensory bin.

The verdict…

They loved it!  Of course, it got played with the most on the first couple of days, but every once in a while Gwen will ask me to open it for her, and as soon as Josiah sees her playing with it he moseys on over.  I’m sure if I just left it out they’d play with it, but have you seen the contents?  There’s no way I’m leaving all those pom poms out in the open.

Guess what I finally made?  The homemade play dough!  I didn’t make pretend ice cream like I had planned, but I did use spices and food coloring along with mint and orange extracts to make it look and smell nice.  I love play dough – the texture is so much fun! – so I joined the kiddos on this one. 

I keep it in jars so it doesn’t dry out; not sure how long it’s supposed to last.  I will probably make a blue version with glitter to go along with the creation story for our first official week of preschool.     

Besides ice cream, Summertime is for popsicles, smoothies, and berry-picking, all of which we have been enjoying in abundance.  I make smoothies for the kiddos almost every day, perhaps every other, using my homemade yogurt and frozen fruit, sometimes adding some orange sections or orange juice if it needs thinning.  Since we go through frozen blueberries like nobody’s business, I’ve taken advantage of the picking season and have gone three times already – to Schartner’s Farms in my neck of the woods, and a skip and a hop to Sweet Berry Farm (they have a cafe with yummy offerings and ice cream to boot!).

I also [finally] tried a recipe for fudge popsicles which I had bookmarked from Smitten Kitchen when it was first posted.  They were sooo good!  I used dark chocolate, organic whole cane sugar (a lesser amount), a combination of cocoa and carob powders, and coconut milk for the milk.  I don’t think the kiddos care when their desserts have been tampered with to make them healthier.  

Since I knew we were going to be enjoying popsicles on a regular basis during the Summer months, I decided to add a book to one of my Amazon orders (you know, to qualify for the free shipping) and got POPS! Ice Treats for Everyone.  I want to make all the recipes, of course, but started with the coconut pop – just like a frozen macaroon!  There are some pop recipes on the author’s website.

My dad has been wanting to take the kiddos to a polo game for a while (supposed to be something fun to do outdoors, and the horses… kids like horses, right?).  We finally went on Saturday, and while it wasn’t the most exciting thing for me, it was fun to go with the family. 

If we go again, I’ll bring a book and some snacks.

What have you been up to?


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