Ice Cream Sensory Bin

While perusing Totally Tots for homeschool ideas, I came across the idea for sensory tubs.  I thought this would be great for getting the kids involved in the theme or lesson for the week – especially Josiah, who won’t really be paying attention to what Gwen and I might be doing.  And I know Gwen will love these just as much – kids love to explore, manipulate, feel.  Josiah gets this serious look of concentration when he’s pouring beads from one container to the next, and Gwen can get lost in her own little world when playing with tiny dolls and animals.  Yeah… I’m betting this will go over well.

I’m in the process of putting together a Creation sensory bin, since the first few weeks of homeschool will be centered around the account of Creation in Genesis.  There are myriad ideas for sensory tubs, but I couldn’t find one specifically for creation, so I’ve been going around the house looking for things that fit in with each day – cotton balls for clouds, blue streamers for water, wooden birds and plastic animals, etc. 

Just like I did with the camping lapbook, I thought it might be nice to do a trial run with a sensory bin to see how the kids like it.  I wanted to start with something fun, something not overtly educational, that doesn’t coincide with a lesson we’ll already be doing.  I thought of using Counting Coconuts’ dinosaur sensory tub idea since we have a bunch of plastic dinosaurs and rocks of various sizes, but I got psyched at the idea of an ice cream sensory tub – especially since I know the kiddos love to play with the bag of pom poms I bought recently to add to my craft stash.  For a while it was stored in a clear plastic bin in the office, and whenever Josiah would catch sight of it he’d walk around saying “pom-pom, pom-pom” till I took them out for him. 

Tonight I put together my own ice cream sensory bin…

What’s Inside:
assorted pom poms
mini ice cream scoops (actually for cookie dough)
ice cube tray
construction paper cones
cool cones (got these on summer clearance last year)
wooden banana & strawberry from the Melissa & Doug sundae set
plastic cups
plastic spoons
shaker of sequin “sprinkles”

Can’t wait to see what the kiddos think of it!  I may even make some playdough to make pretend sundaes. *grin*