As much as I love dabbling in crafts, it’s not often that I get around to it. Part of it is finding time while the kiddos are napping or otherwise occupied, but it also involves getting out all the necessary supplies and finding a spot to lay it all out where it will be safe from the kiddos’ sticky, destructive little fingers.

Recently, however, my cousin asked me to make some keepsakes for her twin babies.  She already had two boys, got pregnant with her third, and shortly after announcing her pregnancy suffered a miscarriage.  She was heartbroken, of course, but when she found out she was pregnant with twins she felt God was blessing her not only with a new baby, but another to make up for the one she had lost.  She has paternal twins – a boy and a girl – and I also have a twin brother!  My mother got pregnant with me and my twin brother with her fourth pregnacy, just like my cousin.  Guess it runs in the family!     

I was honored when she asked me to make her a set of wooden warblers and peg dolls,  and got to work right away.

Meet peg dolls Alison and Austin:

And I’m in love with how the birds turned out – shabby chic.  Makes me want to make a few more!

I love the thought of my little creations sitting on someone’s shelf, decorating a space, bringing a smile to someone’s face.  I used to have a shop on Etsy, but it became too expensive to re-list items.  I have some examples of my handmade items on Gwendylicous, and hope to list some items for sale when I get around to it.


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  1. underestimatedmom says:

    I love those wooden warblers! Those are SO cute!! (Hint for relisting on etsy – only list one item for sale. Makes it 20 cents everytime you relist. I found out the hard way)

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