Put Down That Chocolate Milk

A few weeks ago I read an article about the proposed ban of flavored milks in public school systems, opting instead for healthier white milk.  At the time I thought how ironic it was, considering that neither option is really “healthy.” 

Everyone has her own opinion on the matter, of course, and recently I came across an article entitled “Why Banning Foods in Schools Sends Kids the Wrong Message.” Aside from being a mom, the author is a registered dietitian, interesting to note while reading her remarks as well as her response to comments. 

Since reading more about food choices these days, becoming informed on the food products available in our grocery stores, I have been appalled at some of these so-called “foods” that are played off as having any semblance of nutritional value.  Just like any other Big Business, the USDA’s nutritional guidelines are skewed by those that give the most financial contributions to their cause.  I give them props for adding such a large portion of produce to the proverbial plate, and suggesting a reduction in sodium and “sugary drinks,” but they still recommend products that contain unhealthy ingredients. 

It scares me, seeing how much the government has injected itself into our every-day lives, trying to control how we raise our children, drive our cars, and even having a say in the food we eat.  While I’m against government control, don’t think they should have a say in what we choose to eat or drink, I find it interesting that they would suggest a ban on sugary drinks in schools or implementing a beverage tax, rather than informing people of the true nature of much of the packaged foods they throw at us in order to make a profit.

I actually haven’t followed up with the flavored milk proposal, although I believe the proposed beverage tax was defeated.  Do you think it’s a good idea for the government to make these decisions for us in the interest of public health?  Gets me thinking about my kiddos’ vaccination schedule (arrrgh)… but that’s for another time.

One thought on “Put Down That Chocolate Milk

  1. I don’t have a problem with local schools banning the sale of chocolate milk in the cafeterias. Local schools make their decisions based on the school counsel, which is elected by town members. If parents don’t want their kids eating certain foods, why should they pay to have the temptation around?
    However, the USDA pyramid is another story. Compare this food pyramid to the USDA’s: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/what-should-you-eat/pyramid/. You can tell the grain companies were involved in the USDA one. :P

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