Flower Child

Every Summer we have a beautiful patch of daisies in our yard.  Phil ends up mowing it down, but not before I get to enjoy it in full bloom, cutting some to decorate the house, and putting Gwen smack-dab in the middle.  I think she may have wandered into the patch on her own the first time, but now I make a point of taking her picture.  My, how she’s grown!

June 2011

May 2010

June 2009



2 thoughts on “Flower Child

  1. Nichole says:

    Ah, she’s gorgeous now! Look at the curly hair! I can’t tell if anything else has grown, though! Is that the same exact dress?

    • karlamcurry says:

      Yes – it’s the same dress! Laura got it for her, and it’s so pretty. It’s getting short, and I usually pair it with jeans for her. In fact, I do that with most of her dresses. She’s so small (don’t know where those genes came from) that they almost fit her better as tops once she’s “grown out” of them. Her hair is usually a tangled afro-y mess, but when it’s humid, they tighten into gorgeous ringlets. I’m always telling her what pretty red hair she has, and she often responds, “like Ariel” (and we hardly ever watch that movie). :)

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