Easter at the Farmer’s Market

It rained the Saturday before Easter, and as much as I hate running errands in the rain, I needed to get some shopping done.  I already had the spiral-cut ham that I ended up tossing in the crockpot, but wanted to look for some healthier cupcake ingredients. 

Earlier in the week I had bookmarked this recipe for sourdough chocolate cake, intending to use my whole wheat starter to make butterfly cupakes.  Which, incidentally, turned out looking nothing like the picture. *sigh*

I’ve been using agave syrup, maple syrup, honey, and no-calorie sugar substitutes (Splenda and Stevia) as sweeteners these days, but wanted to look for Sucanat.  I figured Whole Foods would carry it, but decided to stick closer to home and checked out Dave’s.  Score!  Not only did I find Sucanat, I got a bag of Bob’s Red Mill unsweetened coconut flakes (my store only carries sweetened coconut) to add to my trail mix. 

I had planned on going to the farmer’s market a few towns over to get some fresh eggs, but didn’t feel like driving all that way… especially since I knew I’d end up getting the kiddos their ritual bag of kettlecorn.  So, I settled on the one just down the road from Dave’s. 

And man, was it packed!  I guess everyone else had the same idea on that rainy day.  Though this market tends to be more expensive, it has a different variety of items, live music, and usually one or two baby goats for me and the kids to fawn over. 

As soon as we walked in the door we noticed a line of kids, and at the end of the line, a white goat and an albino rabbit, some hay bales, and a photographer’s setup.  Kids were getting their pictures taken with the “Easter bunny”!  I didn’t want to pay for a picture, but I knew the kids would love to see the animals.

Gwen kept telling me she was hungry, so we all shared a chocolate croissant and enjoyed the music for a bit.  Then we made the rounds, picked out some cage-free eggs for the cupcakes, and checked out out the line to see the animals again.  I told Gwen we could look at them, but Mommy didn’t have money to pay for a picture.  She looked crushed, so I thought – fine, we’ll just stand in line and I’ll ask if we can just pet the animals

As we’re waiting, waiting, waiting, I grew anxious, because I knew there were lots of other kids waiting to get their pictures taken, and we just wanted to pet the things.  The things we do for our kids!  Finally, it was our turn…

The kids got to hold and pet the bunny, we had our picture taken, and the wonderful folks at Light Forge Studio e-mailed us the images for free!