Love Notes

When Phil and I were first dating, he used to leave me little notes everywhere – on my bureau, in the snow on my car, stuck to a door, wherever he thought I might see it.  We e-mailed back and forth, and wrote letters to exchange later.  When we got married, this dwindled considerably.  His reasoning: I see you every day.

Now, I may be lucky enough to get a card for a special occasion, although he still likes to write in the snow on my car.  There have also been times when he’ll leave a note if he’s been extra-busy or the kids have been especially monstrous; this is his way of making up for it, I suppose. 

But I do so appreciate his sentiments. I love love notes.  For the first few years we were together, whenever he asked what I wanted for my birthday or what have you, I would tell him not to buy anything – I just want a love letter!  Sometimes it’s just easier to spend money – MEH.

I’ve saved all the cards and letters I’ve ever written him, and he’s ever given me… and of course, his pile is considerably smaller.  I like to pull ’em out from time to time just to reminisce, just like I do with all of my photo albums.  I still get a warm, fuzzy, giddy feeling when I see a sticky note with his small, neat printing on it, and rush over to see what it says. 

Since he started his new job, we’ve had to get used to his new work schedule – twenty-four hours on, forty-eight hours off.  Now, the two days off are nice… it’s the whole day I don’t see him, surviving till the end of the day, making dinner, getting the kids into bed, going to bed, without him beside me.  I know I shouldn’t get used to it, but every morning he leaves for work I find he’s left me a note or a bunch of notes somewhere.  However, this morning, I was chagrined to find he had left without thinking of me.  *sigh*  I got us all dressed, pottied, breakfasted, cleaned up, more pottied, and out the door for church… only to find his note on the walkway:

*grin* He didn’t forget me!  I love love notes!  Especially blue chalk notes, as I envision Phil running out the door, eyeing the chalk lying in his path, getting a sudden inspiration that he knows will bring a smile to my face.  

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  1. So pleased this had a feel good feeling at the end..He wrote this simple little chalk mark for you cause he knew it would mean so much..lovely…ELiza Keating

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