Simplicity Parenting Book Club – Chapter 2

I've been delving more into Simplicity Parenting, but am still in chapter four - I need to read it in spurts!  I've also been working on some knitting when I have time, and I finally painted those picture frames (finished product pictures soon, hopefully).  Our lil' book club has started its discussion on chapter two, and I'm sharing … Continue reading Simplicity Parenting Book Club – Chapter 2


Easter at the Farmer’s Market

It rained the Saturday before Easter, and as much as I hate running errands in the rain, I needed to get some shopping done.  I already had the spiral-cut ham that I ended up tossing in the crockpot, but wanted to look for some healthier cupcake ingredients.  Earlier in the week I had bookmarked this recipe … Continue reading Easter at the Farmer’s Market