I love you, Mommy. I love you on Thursdays.

I had a baby calendar for Gwendolyn when she was born, recording all of her firsts, and then some.  I decided to keep putting up new calendars to record any special memories, and ended up writing down lots of funny things she has said through the year.  Here are some highlights from  2010:

“Sh sh baby, I getting dressed”

“Oh my goodness!”

“What’s happened down there?”

“Where did baby brudder go?”

On her play phone: “Hello, I’m making eggs for Mommy, bye-bye”

To Daddy hugging Mommy: “No, that’s my sister!”

“This Genolyn’s table. NOT Daddy’s, NOT Mommy’s, NOT Josiah’s.  Genolyns.”

“I want to go in the nude.” ?!

“My curtains falling off!” Very upset – nightmare?

“That’s Mommy’sJosiah!”

Cashier: “You’re one smart ticket!” Gwen: “I not a chicken. I a GIRL!”

On the potty: “I can’t push the pee out.”

“He’s not a child, he’s Josiah!”

“I love you, Mommy. I love you on Thursdays.”

Mommy: “Grandma gave those to you.” Gwen: “That was nice of her.”

“When I grow down I used to play with it.”

“Mommy’s pants are on her own bottom.”

Eating lunch: “I don’t want to get my lips sticky.”

Mommy was running away from Daddy’s truck; Gwen says “Have to be careful in the street.”

Mommy: “You could bring your pony.” Gwen: “Actually like a unicorn.”

Gwen: “Guess what I’m making!” Mommy: “What are you making?” Gwen: “I don’t know!… It’s gonna be good guys!”

“I want to play with you Daddy. And that’s the end of the story.”

[sing-songy voice] “I am the princess, and Daddy is the queen.”

“I will be safe in the dark with you.”

To Daddy, going outside – “not in the ocean, though.”

“He’s so happy, Naughty Boy.”

“I ate a bite of candy & it went down my throat.”

“Daddy’s got to go and get some money and when he comes back he will give me some money” (hand outstretched)

Mom to Dad: “don’t leave me with these monsters! Gwen: “We are not monsters, we’re kiddos!”