Dirty Laundry T-Shirt

I don't sew. I like to dabble in crafts, I'm teaching myself to knit... but I don't sew.  I wish I could sew, but that's another matter entirely.  The other day I caught an episode of She's Crafty - on, like, one of three channels we get now - and the guest was Teresa Findlay of … Continue reading Dirty Laundry T-Shirt


Thankful & Unafraid

Sometimes I'm afraid to be happy, truly thankful, when something good happens.  I'm painfully aware that I haven't been joyful through the storm and I'm ashamed of the contrast. I have often feared that God toys with me, uses me as His plaything, or if nothing else uses me as an example of what happens to disobedient children.  I cringe as I … Continue reading Thankful & Unafraid