Valentine’s Day Projects

Growing up, my mom always gave us treat bags with little Valentine’s Day goodies.  It always made me feel so special, and this is something I want to continue with my children.

Last year I had bookmarked an idea to decorate mini mailboxes for Valentine’s Day.  I had all these grand notions, and loved the fact that I could even use the mailboxes throughout the year to give little surprises to the kiddos.  I had just seen the mailboxes in the dollar section at Target, but when I went back to purchase them, they were all out; one of the sales ladies even seemed amused that I thought they would still be available so close to the 14th.  Hopes dashed. 

I forget what I did for the kiddos last year, but I did make a cute deck-of-cards book for Phil.  We keep it on his bureau next to the bed, and every once in a while he’ll tell me he flipped through it and smiled at all the different things I love about him.  Sometimes I’ll open the book to one of the pages and leave it out for him to see, and sometimes he’ll leave it open to one of the pages he wants me to see!  He tends to like the steamier sentiments.  Go figure.

This year, I lucked out and found a few mini mailboxes.  There are all sorts of ideas for jazzing up a plain old mailbox, and I put a bunch of ideas together along with this simple video tutorial.  I don’t have all the crazy craft supplies such as ten different kinds of glue (and ways to adhere or apply it), but I did my best with what I had.  I even made a mailbox for Phil – I’m so excited!

Here are the plain boxes:

And voila! Here they are all decked out in their finery:




I’m always looking for budget-friendly gifts that are still personal and meaningful.  There are lots of little treasure troves online, and a search for valentine’s day coupons led me to the little gift inside Phil’s mailbox:


Here’s the printable version (I resized it to make it small enough to fit in the box).  I found it on a cute lil’ blog called kind over matter.  It was hard to come up with coupon-worthy ideas, because all of the suggestions I found (wash the dishes, homemade meal) are things I already do around the house, so it wouldn’t be anything above and beyond the norm.  Other ideas (breakfast in bed, sports tickets, theatre event, beer with the buds) are things that he doesn’t really care about.  So I had to be creative, and since his love language seems to be physical touch – well, there you have it.  They’re not all R-rated, calm down. 

I would love to hear some of your ideas – especially what I can put in the boxes besides conversation heart candies.


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  1. Katie says:

    OK this is crazy…I JUST bought three of these today at Target!!! Yours turned out incredible! I especially like the black & white one. Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday!

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