A couple years ago I watched The Secret.  Whereas I disagreed with the basic concept of attracting health, wealth, and success merely through the “law of attraction,” it did get me thinking about making some sort of vision board.

I’ve done similar things in the past – basically cutting out pictures, quotes, ideas; things I aspire to, want to create, become, focus on.  Hopes, wishes, dreams.  I didn’t get around to putting these things up on my bulletin board this time around, as it’s already chock-full of coupons, recipes, pictures, library reminders, local ads, and so forth.  But last night I was going through my binder, and I came across the envelope where these aspirations were enclosed.

I smiled as I went through them.  First, I came across my Gratitude list:
I am so grateful for…
… Philip – my loving accepting husband
… Gwendolyn – my precious baby girl
Nikki – my kindred spirit
… family – for all their faults they are there through thick and thin
… Jesus – all the He has done for me and continues to do despite me
… my material blessings – which nurture us and enable us to nurture others
… other friends – knowing someone is just a phone call or e-mail away and has my best interests at heart (Jenn, Kim, Jen, Kat)
… my job – flexible, able to take Gwen with me, nice boss, only employee, contributes to finances
… my abilities – though I may not know what my “Gift” is, I have many pursuits and interests that come in handy and allow me to create
… nature – its beauty and revelation of God

Second, my Asking for & believing will come list:
-to eventually open my own business
-to be a stay-at-home mommy before the Summer
-to fine a niche in which I can make money from home
-to have at least $150,000 to pay off our mortgage (I know, HA!)
-to gain a faster metabolism, burn off these pounds, and reach at least 130
-to get bigger breasts (I can hope, right?)
-to eat healthily and become more active
-to be healed inside of any chemical/hormonal imbalances, restore the proper cycle, and have clear skin-to get pregnant this year and have another baby – a boy this time!
-to spend more time with Phil and grow in love and understanding
-to get a new bedroom set
-to get 2 new vehicles
-to go away at least once a year
-to get a Sleep Number mattress
-to homeschool Gwen

Along with these lists I have a bunch of words, phrases, and pictures that I cut out of magazines.

*smile* CHECK.

I’m definitely not where I want to be, but I’ve made so much progress in this area. *exhale* CHECK.  Ironically, as I was going through these pictures last night, I noticed I was wearing orange pants with white stripes down the sides (see pic).  HA!

I so want to be a good Mommy to my children, but when I cut out this picture I only had Gwendolyn.  Now, she’s a beautiful, bright 3-year-old, and we haven’t killed each other yet.  That’s progress in my book!  Hesitant CHECK. *grin*

Phil is my favorite person, the love of my life, and I always yearn for a better relationship with him (even when things are good). We’ve been through rough times, like every married couple, but we have made such progress in how we communicate and relate.  I can honestly say things are better and our relationship is deeper then when we first got married.  CHECK.

Of course, there are things I’m still waiting for…



Do you have a Vision?