Goodbye Grandma

This weekend I lost my grandma.  She had been failing for a while, and just this year diagnosed with lung cancer.  It was only a matter of time, and we were praying that she would go peacefully in her sleep... but you're never really prepared for the end. According to some, I was very lucky … Continue reading Goodbye Grandma


It’s That Time of the Year…

Every year when Christmas rolls around I get that knot in my stomach, the pressure for having to buy The Perfect Gift for everyone on my Christmas list. Oh... and without spending too much money. We have started some Christmas traditions for our family - Christmas stockings for the kids, focusing on charity rather than … Continue reading It’s That Time of the Year…

No Poo

When I first heard the phase "No Poo" or "No Poo-Poo," I assumed it had something to do with elimination communication or potty training.  So, naturally, I was intrigued!  However, as mistaken as I was, I was delighted to discover the benefits of this concept.  Simply put, No Poo is to stop using shampoo.  Sound drastic?  Hold your horses.  If … Continue reading No Poo