Mommyhood: Half a year!

If time goes faster the older we get, Gwen will be a teenager before I know it! It seems like ages ago I was pregnant… yet it feels like just yesterday I held a 5lb Gwendolyn in my arms. *sigh* I’m a sentimental sap, and I’m so sad to be “losing” my baby!


My little girl has progressed so much in the past few months, it’s amazing to watch. I’m sure it’s the same with every baby, but when it’s your own, it’s special and miraculous and you swear your baby is the smartest in the world!


I thought three months was a major turning point, but each new day brings something new. Some exciting new developments: I’ve started feeding Gwen homemade baby food (applesauce, banana, avocado, apricot, and sweet potato; soon I’ll start making porridge [as opposed to store-bought rice cereal], and am currently trying my hand at making yogurt), she has started rolling over periodically, likes to hold onto her feet and put ’em in her mouth (this helps during diaper changes!), and can’t get enough of big-girl baths (with assistance, of course). I’ve started doing a few hand signs with her, so we’ll see how consistent I can be. She simply *must* touch everything, put it in her mouth, and try to eat it. She gained 3lbs and 2″ in the last month, but I still sometimes worry that she’s not getting enough to eat (there’s no way to measure the ounces when you’re breastfeeding!).


I can’t imagine doing this with more than one kid (nevermind five, like my mom!), but then I can’t imagine never having another baby. It’s interesting, putting things into perspective. Sometimes it seems like we’ve been parents forever. Other times – like when she was fussy the other day – I told Phil that it’s only been a matter of *months*, and he replied, “Seventeen and a half years to go.” Hehe.