What’s For Dinner?

My sister-in-law suggested we take a perspective picture with Gwendolyn like she did with her son when he was a preemie. She took pictures of him sitting in a pot. Here’s my little peanut, served up in a roasting pan:

I don’t know how much longer I can call her “peanut,” though – at her pediatrician apt yesterday, we found out she’s 5lbs. 14oz. – that’s eleven ounces in one week, since she was 5/3 last Friday! Guess I don’t have to worry that she’s getting enough food!

I don’t have many pics of Gwen and me, since I haven’t looked the best and usually bum around in my pjs. Today, though, I got dressed! I showed her off to my boss and his wife, the latter of whom wanted to hold her right away, and said I could just leave because she had fallen in love. *grin* I said wait till she starts crying! (pause) She got to see what I meant.

Before we ran some errands this evening, I fed Gwen, changed her, and was rocking her in my arms. Here I am with my lil’ sweetie:

Twinkie thought the play mat was just for her: