Gwen’s 1st bath

I was going to give Gwendolyn a sponge bath sometime upon coming home from the hospital, but Friday at her 1st pediatrician apt the doctor removed her umbilical stump so I figured give her a “real” bath. I couldn’t decide the best time for it, and finally opted before her “bedtime” (I use that word loosely, as she’s up all night anyway) feeding. I assumed the feeding would calm her down, since Phil said she hated her sponge bath at the hospital.

At first she seemed to think it wasn’t so bad – this water feels pretty good!

She quickly changed her mind.

Hm… the warm water on my head isn’t so bad, especially since a nice head rub preceded it.

Uh-uh, I changed my mind again!

Wavind her arms and sticking out her tongue – not sure what she’s hoping to accomplish here.

So she didn’t cherish the experience, and I’ll have to figure out a better bathing system. I think the water may have been on the cold side… and perhaps if more of her body were underwater? She was much better after being dried off and seemed to like getting a little massage with baby lotion.

Holding her afterwards, I put my nose to her soft, clean head and kept smelling the wonderful clean baby smell. Ahhhh…